How to dry my canabis

Hi everyone. First time posting. I like to know how can I dry the cannabis plant. I cut a bud of the plant the other day I lefted outside onder the sun for a few hours. then I placed it in the garage where is humid and hot, but it dry very crispi. Also it does not have that smell of weed when you buy it from the street. How do you cure it to get the smell and flavor. Am a few weeks away before I cut it down for harvest and start drying. Please some one I need some good advise. THANK YOU

Ok, first thing is don’t put it in the sun or any light at all. Take your cuttings and trim big leaves off then hang them where there will be total darkness!! Keep an eye on your humility not to high 40 to 50% is where I keep it 60% is ok but no higher your trying to dry it.
Wait till you can break the stem with your fingers. Then trim your buds and place them in paper bags say half once each one or more. For about two weeks after that put in mason jars for another two weeks opening the jars once or twice a day and there you have it.
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Thank you Garrigan62. I heard so many ways. That I want to do it right been my first time. I will let you know how it turn out.

garrigan62 how long would you leave the plant hanging in darkness?

You hang them in the dark until you can snap the stems, a crisp dry snap. Then remove the nuggets from the bigger branches and it is time to put them in paper bags or jars. When they are put in the jars they need to be “burped” or opened periodically to try and keep the humidity not much higher than about 60%.

The entire time might take around a month, maybe a week or two until dry enough to snap, then a week or two in the paper bag, then a week or two in jars until they are dry enough to smoke.

I know this isn’t much different than what garrigan said, but at least you have a second opinion basically in agreement.

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Thanks a lot MacGyverStoner. Like you said two the same recommendation is always good. I feel much better now that your suggestion is basically the same garrigan62. No offence to garrigan62 since you were the first to help me. Thank you garrigan62 & MacGyverstoner for read my post and contribute some of you guys expertise on this subject. this is my first time. Am very exited. I just cut two buds to try this technique. The wait is going to kill me. Thank you guys. I will let you guy know how it taste.

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What is the reason for the bags? Also the time in the bags what are you looking for?

The reason is, they the bags
absorbs dampness that can lead to mold.

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I may have missed this above, but make sure you have a fan causing air movement in the dark room. Not directly at buds, but just causing air to circulate.

my .03 worth. I dry like MacG said, until branches snap, then I place them in a Brown Paper bag to allow the drying to even out. This allows the inside to catch up with the dryer outside. You can also monitor the weight; As, once dried buds weigh approx, 25-40% of wet weight.

And; Finally I place in glass jars in a cool dark place. Nice thread everyone. Peace

Great advice … I’m going to try the brown bags this year. Last year, after they dried I just put them in jars. The buds were fine this way, but they dried out too fast. I need to find the thread that talks about putting some kind of packet in the jar to keep the moisture consistent.

MT …go to your nearest cigar or smoke shop. You can or should be able to get them there. I do.

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I’m growing in a broken barn in the middle of no where and that means no electricity so no fan. So do I need a fan?

I have used Apple slices in the bag, not sure what thoughts are on that but it seemed to add a little moisture.

Yes it does. But you are inviting mold. Been there done that. You can buy the moister packets in shops that are ment for cigar’s…

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latewood is right you can always do tlkbear and add moisture

What happens if you can’t get total darkness? If I close the cab up the humidity gets about 70

During drying, this isn’t the end all be all it could be with flowering. As has been stated, the cells inside the tissues might not be all totally dead and light can contribute to some creation of new chlorophyll as well as the fact that light does degrade THC. But you don’t see all the dispensaries worried about losing a lot of potency with their displays in clear glass, so i wouldn’t worry too much.

And of course I’m not recommending long term storage in clear jars in the open light either, just to be clear.

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