How to dry my buds the right way to bring out a better taste

I need some help learning how to cure or dry my buds to have a better taste cause I’m not enjoying smoke that is hash an no smell
Please help me an give me advice on this I’m getting close to harvest an want to do this stuff the right way to give this white widow justice. If I could get some good advice I would be thankful

Help needed from some pros

Here ya go wwboy,
I’m going to post a link on curing pot.


2/3rd to 75% of the hairs (pistils) browning/amber is a reasonable indicator of when to more closely monitor the resin glands/crystals (trichomes).

Also a point of note, the “hairs”, the pistils can actually be different colors depending on the strain, normally white to off white when fresh, but many can be yellow, red or purple and much if this color may be retained when they shrivel and dry, but no matter the strain, these hairs will turn much more brownish when they shrivel and dry.This is why you may have heard about orange haired, gold haired or blond haired back in the day, and might see some strains with bright red or purple hairs in photos nowadays. Some colors can show in the resin crystals as well.

So normally amber is not a word applied to the hair color, lol. Amber is generally used to describe the trichomes, even the type that do show some other colors.

However the percentage of the resin glands/crystals (trichomes) to have turned amber should be much less to avoid couch lock.

Ideally you want 100% of the resin glands/trichomes/crystals to have turned from clear to cloudy/milky white.

Depending on the strain, you may want some of the resin glands/crystals (trichomes) to have turned amber, as especially with some sativas, if not enough of the trichomes have turned amber, some people say they get a little anxious or maybe even a paranoid kind of high. And so with these you might need at least 1/4 amber or as Latewood said, 1/3 to 1/2 amber trichomes.
Hope this clarifies some things.

Here is that link for curing your weed


Thanks man yea I want to have a more uppy high then couch lock so I’m doing white widow right now from Roberts they all look different some tall 35 in tall but I don’t have a magnificent glass so I can look at the hairs an guess my harvest pertty close by amber or dark colored hairs I want to dry it good to get good smoke I already harvest one an the hairs was half brown an I loved the smoke it’s just harsh thanks again for your help

Thank u man I have the grow bible I just like to ask people an see how they get there buds to smell an taste good I have read lookS of stuff about it but I guess I’m afraid of not getting it right but I’m in no hurry to get it dried I want it to be it’d best I believe I got it down on how to do it but I like to have people that has grown lots indoors to give me advice I want to share my buds with people that need it for medical reasons I broke my back in a coal mines at 28 years old an I really need to get it right thanks for any help guys I am thankful to have this site for problems or products it’s one of the best.
have u ever growed the white widow auto’s most of mine are 79 days old an they look great I have one that got stressed bad an now it’s got risin all over it leaves stock ,but the others just have a little around the buds an on them .
Should all of them get covered in resin like that also it is sticking an pine smell I love’s grease like all over it but the buds are real small an the others have big buds an not much resin on them is that how some do is be alot different then others

@wwboy, you may wish to invest in a pocket LED microscope. I bought one on Amazon for $15, but they’re as low as $11.

Well worth the investment, imho.

Here’s what I think you’re missing

…you’re saying Amber hairs, we are talking about brown hairs but Amber trichomes

trichomes are the crystally stuff on the leaves and buds that get you high, NOT the white hairs that turn brown

a lot of people pick when the trichomes have some Amber NOT the hairs, and that’s where you’re confusing it most likely

most people wait till all the hairs are brown and then they look at if the trichomes are clear, cloudy or Amber, hope this helped ?