How to dry Kief rub your harvest


Every one who grows needs a trim bin!


Thank you for this post!
It looks like the easiest way to make kief & the most cost effective!
I just ordered a trim bin on Amazon, being delivered Monday.
Thanks again!


@Smokey2. This was some of my jars of kief


I don’t have a trim bin, but I did stay at a Holiday inn Express one time. I went to the craft store and bought a screen for screen printing, on sale for about $12. I froze my trim and rubbed it across the screen with a credit card. Same results on the cheap.


I made kief for the first time with the trim bin.

Used some for vape juice and made a puck with the rest


Good job bro well done


Thanks Daz!


Nice, looks tasty! :slight_smile: :+1:


What’s your recipe for vape juice?


Well, that’s a work in progress.
I have used Wax Liquidizer, and was able to make my first successful batch with this kief.
Also bought Farm to Vape, but haven’t tested that yet.
There’s more testing I need to do before advising anyone on a recipe.