How to dry Kief rub your harvest


Every one who grows needs a trim bin!


Thank you for this post!
It looks like the easiest way to make kief & the most cost effective!
I just ordered a trim bin on Amazon, being delivered Monday.
Thanks again!

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@Smokey2. This was some of my jars of kief


I don’t have a trim bin, but I did stay at a Holiday inn Express one time. I went to the craft store and bought a screen for screen printing, on sale for about $12. I froze my trim and rubbed it across the screen with a credit card. Same results on the cheap.


I made kief for the first time with the trim bin.

Used some for vape juice and made a puck with the rest


Good job bro well done

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Thanks Daz!

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Nice, looks tasty! :slight_smile: :+1:


What’s your recipe for vape juice?


Well, that’s a work in progress.
I have used Wax Liquidizer, and was able to make my first successful batch with this kief.
Also bought Farm to Vape, but haven’t tested that yet.
There’s more testing I need to do before advising anyone on a recipe.


Thank you for the info. I’m looking forward to to playing with all the ways to enjoy the benefits of keifer and extractions and all that hood stuff. I’m going to tag along if that’s cool with you!!

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