How to dry Kief rub your harvest


So I took 80 grams of trim. No buds at all and rubbed a few times with this method and so far I’m super happy. I only run maybe 3 mins at a time then put back into freezer for 3 hours.

It’s not much but about 12 mins of rubbing total and with no buds at all. Plus I’m still rubbing it out. :smirk:


That is really good something to be proud of, I’ve just started using this method myself and the different colours from trim and small buds compared to better buds and now I’ve tried different plants to and I find the higher grade it is it almost seems wet, it’s not but it moves like it has a mind of its own where as the other I’ve found is more powdery, still works it’s magic and hey this could just be an old stoner getting himself at it but its the same for the 1st rub compared to say the 5th or 6th rub if you know what I mean,but I can’t easily get dry ice and now I’m glad I couldn’t or I would never have tried this @highcountrygal dry rub method


I’m definitely proud. This was my first grow and I’m using everything wisely. Trying not to waste trim. I’m sure I’ll get more out of it. I go up to buds once I’m out of trim to compare the difference in quantity. It’s a very easy method to do and doesn’t take long at all. I have kids so I can always sneak away for a couple mins and rub a bit. I’m just having a good time doing all of this new stuff. Getting Kief, I made 2lbs butter last night, about to go make some oil later tonight. Its all new and exciting


Yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been doing the butter and coconut oil for edibles and decarbonising it and grinding it up for capsules to make it easier on my lungs is a great thing for me


Funny you say that. I tell the wife I wanna quit smoking so much now so I can smoke later in life. Lol


I want in on that deal. Lol


Lol yeah I have been a life long stoner just never really figured it’d be the nasty tobacco taking me down but I do love my weed and it’s my medication as well as a passion


Here is the kief I have rubbed from my lemon kush

And the aroma from this was really lemony


Nice golden color


So after rubbing that 80 grams of trim for awhile I ended it with 10 grams of kief from that. I’ll throw the rest in with my oil trim. Had about 40 more grams left over from different strains trim that I had already used some to make 2lbs of butter. Froze that and rubbed more vigorously this time, twice now and got 12 grams so far. I’ll rub once or twice more before I throw it in oil trim also. It’s all a nice golden color. Already confused the containers thou. But does it really matter when you gonna have about an ounce of kief. I’ve never even had any measurable amount kief till now.


Yeah I know what you mean, I have never had kief before and now I have a jar and a half in total still left


About a whole jar left from what I rubbed from multiple grows of trim and small buds that I’d been saving and half a jar of pure lemon kush ,But I gotta say I do love it ,I’ve been smoking it constantly with my weed since I did my first rub and this is what I still have left and I made butter out of the other trim to and I have lemon kush trim for making butter to


Ok I made it here no what? Birdman1…Some one stole my handle hence I had to ad a “1”


@Birdman1 great glad to have you. You are a great grower and you have a lot of experience so Welcome to the forum. I’ll intro you to a few really cool people. Check things out there are a lot of neat topics


Hello @Birdman1, and welcome!


My dry sift experiment using frozen mables and hash bags. See thread here


So I finally bought a press. It’s not bad. Have to clean it every 3rd disc I make. Doesn’t take much to clean, just a bit of scraping so the rod doesn’t get stuck.

This is a mallet kind. I didnt have one on hand so I used a minecraft sword and a regular hammer. Shout out to the kids for that one. The disc are easy to break apart with fingers but not fragile enough to break when you drop them. I assume quality of product matters. Makes nice hash for people on the go…or not, I don’t judge you. They came out clean. I just had them thrown in with loose kief.


I was thinking about getting a mold that I could use with my bench vise to make bricks…


I want to replace the screen in my trim bin… is 150 or 220 microns a finer/smaller screen?


150 microns is smaller. It’s the size particle that it allows through. The trim bin comes with 150 I think.


Yeah 150 is correct I love my trim bin