How to dry Kief rub your harvest


@Terminator here it is


I finally got to dry rub some popcorn buds!!

I think it’s probably more green than it should be but I’m thrilled!! You’re right, it would have been fun to see my eyes when I first saw what I made :flushed:

I can’t remember what strain it is, probably a mix of Chocolope and Goldleaf. We sprinkled it on a bowl of Chocolope and WOW!! Feeling good, really really good :sunglasses:

I didn’t take a before pic because I wanted to get going while it was its coldest. I didn’t do a 2nd rub because I couldn’t put it back in the freezer and it was already greenish.

This is still good for butter, yes?


Absolutely. Rub more lightly, and do it right after pulling it out of the freezer, and you’ll get less green.


Ah yes! I was a bit vigorous :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I started as soon as I pulled it from the freezer but it was a large bowl so the last half wasn’t nearly as frozen as the first. Next time I’ll keep it in the freezer and pull it out in batches.
Thank you for the advice :sunglasses:


It all smokes anyway lol


Indeed it does, does the job quite well! And I made it myself, with buds I grew myself :grin: I’m tickled pink :star_struck:


I’ve found an ounce of rub-remains makes a good 1/3+ cup budder for a batch of 12 or so brownies


@GreenThunder It’s green because what you rubbed is green it will yellow with age. I think it’s because you didn’t let it sit around and put it in the freezer while still green and not dried brown. I had the same results yesterday and believe me you have pure keef the screen won’t let green leaf through. Awesome job and thanks for letting me know. You can put the rub stuff back in the freezer and get at least 2 more rubs, so throw it back in the freezer, and rub again you will be in wonderment.


will bubble bags and dry ice be an advisable approach to this?

and also, will it work well with stems and fan leaves?



also, do i dry trim/stems before performing this?


Yes, dry everything first, otherwise it will turn to mush after thawing. Bubble bags and dry ice work fine. This method is great if you don’t have access to, or just don’t want to mess with dry ice.


I do all my hash with dry ice. There is no “mush” but rather crispy, flash frozen stuff. I say stuff because who know what one is making theirs with. I do sugar leaf and save the larf for my budder.

  • That method is on another topic, but I see it mentioned here. If you have access to dry ice, you can use that to flash freez the stuff before you gently start rubbing it out.


I was suggesting to dry the material first, if using the dry rub method.


Absolutely, yup, has to be dry first. I was tackling the dry ice question. Sorry for the confusion


@Budbrother why go to all of that trouble try my dry rub method! when you dry ice it you are done, when you dry rub you can redo do it several times. This is how the Afghani’s made their hash for thousands of years and before you say it isn’t pure I’ll go head to head in a lab test, because there is nothing but trichomes in my keef. It is so much simpler and the screen I use has smaller microns than the 5 bubble bags have. Freeze your trim first then rub away done in 10 minutes no fuss no muss and probably no money. Just sayin’


I was answering the dry ice question and bubble bag question. I don’t even use bubble bags to do it. I have a silk screen. I do rub hash, but lately I’ve been doing the sugar leaf in the dry ice; then shake through the screen. Playing cards to collect pollen for pressing.

Yes, I know that, and luckily, I’ve seen it being made in Morocco. To start off, they kinda beat colas like a drum and then move into the rubbing later.

As for purity - I still get blonde hash and don’t care much more about it. All hash is good hash to me :laughing: scissor, finger, bubble, hand rubbed, etc.

Different grades don’t bother me. Hell, they still get you where you need to be :wink: in the end.


@Budbrother The only reason I say all those things is because everytime I try to tell some one about it I get questioned. I get so much keef that I will never run out hell I give it away to friends and you are right it’s only me and I will smoke it anyway:) It’ all good. They (afghanis) beat their buds cause the dry ice machine was broken :slight_smile:


Not one of those people; Can’t argue with a classic method. Hehee I totally get that. I’m a middle aged stoner, so I tend to just be perpetually chill :dizzy_face: all the time. Replace the word chill with medicated if you prefer. I never bothered to get bags. Why bother when the local craft store has the 180 micron silk screen on a roll. That’s all I really need anyway.


Btw, it was ‘96 when I was there and saw them just sitting around in a circle beating their… ooops let’s try that again. Pounding their… nope. Ok so I can’t finish that thought rn


bags are 15 doll hairs and i have access to dry ice for free…

im going for it.

to clarify:

  1. I will dry my trim/stem/small buds
  2. run it through the bags with dry ice
  3. pollen press it