How to dry Kief rub your harvest


Lmao omg you crack me up, if only I could just send you mine to do lol but I’m pretty proud of myself even if I do say so myself, but it’s actually quite fun, cheers @highcountrygal and I’m not even in the same country


I know! We will rule the world of keef!! @daz49


I knew about doing it with dry ice to get the kief but never thought of doing it your way lol but it’s a cracking idea and works really really well, so thanks girl you taught me something


You are welcome and I am glad your glad that I am glad… @daz49 try some:)


Yeah I am now lol just had a weed and kief spliff my lady


Killer! Sure packs a whoopee! @daz49, the flavor is so fresh and it tastes good as well


I was just telling my sister how good it tastes, ,how weird is that but it’s true


It is a nice fresh smell even if it’s old stuff the keef will always smell good! @daz49


There was a nice mix in there with some chunky buds and it was smelling so good when I was doing it


For some reason they don’t lose much smell even when old and then when you start messing with it the smell comes out. @daz49


I’m going to do some more rubbing soon because I want to do it one more time before I freeze it again and go to bed


It’s amazing and addictive! Well sweet dreams of big buds in your head! Talk atcha tomorrow! @daz49


Omg omg after the 2nd rub

I have never seen so much kief, pleased with that i am


I used a set of Bubble Hash bags with normal ice and frozen fresh trim last year. This worked well but it was very messy. After reading this thread. I intend to dry and freeze the trim this year and use the bags to filter the product. It will be a good experiment.

Good luck with your grows and regards



I’m gonna give this a try too. I’ll harvest in about 3 weeks to a month and let everyone know how it turns out for me. I have 3 plants close to harvest, one has been lacking her whole life so I might use the whole plant and see how far she will go.


Yeah I have lemon haze sisters that haven’t got long and they have both been lacking to be honest but 1 more than most so I was going to split it 50/50 for kief and butter and coconut oil but I can seriously recommend this kief technique


I do want to make some oil but I figured I could use the other 2 plant trim an popcorn buds for that. I just wanna make an awesome thai stick with bud, oil and top it off with some kief. Also maybe a moonrock or 2. :grin:


do you use the clippings (leaves/stem) to make that or do you use the buds?

i would imagine it would ruin the potency of the bud


@amosmoses Howdy if this is late I am sorryI just got a Mac from a PC. What I use are the left overs from trimming and when I trim I am generous and add those little popcorn buds. Now I have been rubbing for a friend who for years has over grown and now it is backed up, so he brings me a lot of bud and I freeze it and rub it and by the time I am finished there is only powdered bud because I can usually get 4-5 rubbings as I rub I remove little twigs and stuff like that and then I use a small kitchen sifter and what comes from that is fine left over keef and pure weed and no the potency is not affected. Let me know how your rub tuns out please.


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