How to dry Kief rub your harvest


I’m really looking forward to trying your kief method, I have most of the stuff to try it so with some of my present grow i will be trying it out


@daz49 if you do try it I would love to see or hear how it went! Morning


Morning here is lizzie this morning

She looks like she has a big body but a tiny head lol but she’s so cute,she was born in my living room and I was there so I guess you gotta love them then lol

See more what I mean from this shot lol and yes indeed I will show you how well I do when I try it as it’s best to learn from the master and doesn’t hurt to be shadowed by the teacher either lol


She is built like my Maddie, low slung short legs. You are a nut no question in my mind lol! I am currently rubbing for a friend, who brought over a 1/2 pound. by rubbing I have reduced the size to about 1/4 of what he brought. Remember when you are done put what’s left back in the freezer for another rub. I’ve done it up to four times and still get a goodly amount!


Yeah I should have done some with a bit of what I used to make the butter

Here’s scrappy the chihuahua, the one that everyone worries about lol he’s a typical chihuahua and very defensive, he’s bitten me loads of times the little bugger,my sister loves it lol makes her laugh a lot


My friend calls them ankle biters. But I’ve never had that happen. Small dogs can be ferocious. Mine are not that kind:)


@daz49 let me know if this comes through


did it come through @daz49


Oh yeah it came through fine thanks, I was right i put a watch on it so I’m going to give it a try, I have is 4 or 5 bags that’s I bought for doing the hash as a kit and I got 2 buckets to use to


Go for it and refreeze and rub and refreeze the second and third rub will absolutely blow your mind. @daz49 now I don’t know if you saw my journal where I showed my friends 1/2 ob from beginning to end. I stopped at 6 rubs.


Well it turns out it’s probably a good couple of ounces and I’ve reduced it to using the 1 bag as 5 bags was to much but it takess some mashing don’t it ,I’m trying it now


Whoop whoop

Look mum i done made me sum kief, my first ever attempt at doing kief and that’s after 40 mins , it’s back in the freezer now and then I’ll try it again


A bit closer so you can see it

@highcountrygal so how have I done? Are you proud lol


WTG! @daz49 it is so easy!


I’m refreezing it and then give it another go but I have got loads going under my nails and that really irritates me lol


Yes I am for taking the word of an old crazy lady! It’s almost fun to play in the piles. What size saucer? @daz49


What size saucer? Don’t know what you are on about but I’m doing it in the bucket but I have a stop thing I put in the bottom so I don’t have it right on the bottom, thanks for the idea @highcountrygal it’s a great way to make kief


The little thing you are catching the keef in, the saucer. So I can get an idea of how much you gathered. On the bottom of the sauce in the middle should say 6" 12" etc.Don’t worry about it. I am so happy have you tried it yet? @daz49


Oh yeah I get ya now, it doesn’t actually say on the bucket but it’s a good 12inches across but when I’ve done all the kief I’ll weigh it


You are awesome! Just don’t let me miss anything! My friend who I did the rub for that’s on my journal page is bringing me about 2 lbs worth so he can clear out his overgrow overstocked storage places. @daz49