How to dry Kief rub your harvest


@DoomSack Thank you! Damn I can be controversial!


Different strokes for different toking folks.

Dry ice is a quick way to freeze stuff sure though freezing your trims first anyways. If it’s available, use it if it works for you. It’s pretty inexpensive.

@highcountrygal But in your situation that cheap stuff could cause some serious damage to yourself. You probably don’t run a chainsaw either. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Doesn’t it just come down to personal choice based on materials and knowledge available.

Some use bags, some use a washing machine :upside_down_face:
I think any right way is seen with results.

Results being, that big ole jar of kief! :star_struck: Impressive. @highcountrygal


@DoomSack I agree and as I said do what is right for you and no method is wrong if it gets the results you want. I just know I can’t get into all the work, I am stoned/lazy and poor.

LOL!! I just gave my chainsaw away, for real! But I do have an awesome electric pruner that cuts through metal with ease!

What I offer is based on knowledge that I have acquired and utilized and take it for whatever you want to take it for. KISS


EXACT same thing happened to me. One day I felt like we were rolling in weed… the next day - one jar left! :pensive:


I’m so sad right now :tired_face: but I refuse to dish out anymore money for another persons grown, ESPECIALLY when I had no access to see how they did things. I can wait. I won’t wait happy but I can wait lol :smirk::crazy_face:


Ouch, that’s a bit out of my price range, both on Amazon and Bay of E. Guess I’ll just have to MacGyver something…just need some motivation…tomorrowgiphy


@DieHigh55 I hear what you are saying and it was for me as well, I had o pinch pennies to get it because it was ergonomic as I have no feeling in my hands and wrists. I don’t know if you checked any others because I know there were several a lot less expensive and maybe in smaller versions. I love looking at stuff so I will see what I can find, I am all for MacGyver but mine always turn out MacMessup!


Hi all, here is a cheap and crude way to quickly make some kief . Find a plastic container with a snap on lid, something like an ice cream container works great. Cut off the bottom of the container or jar and cover the bottom with a piece of nylon insect mesh/ flyscreen using any method you like, I use heavy duty rubber bands but duct tape works just as well.Place your dried trim or frozen if you wish into the container with a couple of small coins or marbles and put the lid on and shake the container over a tray. After a few minutes you will have a mess of kief and loose leafy material in the tray. Now find a smaller plastic jar or container and remove the bottom of the container just as above but this time stretch a ladies stocking over the hole and hold in place with a rubber band. Place the material from the first sieve into the jar and put the lid on. Gently shake /tap the container lightly over a sheet of white paper and collect the resin. Look for a change of colour and when you start to see any green its times to stop collecting. You will still have contaminants in your kief but with a little warmth and pressure from your hands you will have some great hash to smoke.


That’s what I’m talking about! Thanks man!!


@TDubWilly HaHa! this is the same youtube vid I saw that gave me the info on how to do it. This was posted a while ago by I think garrigan and I fell in love. Did you hear him say 'when you dry rub you get QUALITY and when done by dry ice there is the green stuff that comes through with pics showing the results. I have enough keef as we speak to make one of those bricks he made. I am so thankful to you for posting this!


The trim bin will pay for itself I love mine and I sell nothing just so easy to use and the goodness it collects


I have the ergonomic one and I would be lost without it! Check out my harvest from my trial winter grow, it is unbelievable. I have pics of before cutting down then after!


Do you need to dry the trim first?


@GreenThunder Good evening! Yes they should be as dry as possible, before freezing because if it is slightly damp when it unthaws it will turn to mush! Let me know how it turns out please:)


It’ll be a couple weeks because I’ll be out of town next week. I have 32g of WWA popcorn buds… I know I won’t get much but I’m anxious to give it a try.


@GreenThunder I want to be there to see your eyes when you have finished your popcorn nugs! You won’t believe what you see!


Great looking amount you have there and it looks great, I have yet to try kief or make it but I am keen on trying all the different ways of taking our favourite medication, I grow, smoke and am doing edibles atm well I’ve tried it from my grinder but that’s about it lol just layering it between the weed


I’ve dusted a bowl with the kief from my grinder and have also pressed it into a wafer of hash. Good stuff!


Awesome buds!! Thank you, greatly appreciate the knowledge shared.


@Bambam64 You are welcome! It is so easy and the return is amazing! If you have any questions I am always here:)