How to dry Kief rub your harvest


Thanks! I’ve been googling this because I’m wasting nothing this harvest! Your tutorial was perfect :+1: And those buds look sticky sweet​:heart:️


I saw on an episode of Bong Appetit that if you put dry ice in with the buds and shake all the kief comes off easy.


The hash master He’s been all over the world studying


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Sticky doesn’t even describe it. It’s like black tar h… I just finished trimming the one in the pic and I have another one I have to get cut up asap because I have one I should have taken this evening but I forgot and feed fish gunk so I’ll wait till tomorrow. Thanks so much! @Fairieswear8oots


Thanks for the tag!

First time I ever tried kief was that dry rub through silk screens over homemade boxes. Sat me right down!


That’s what freezing it does exactly the same only not dangerous, I am in a wheelchair and I can just see me with dry ice in my lap! lol. It’s so much cheaper and you probably have what you need it the house. I am a sr on SocSec and believe it does not pay well so I always try to come up with a lesser equivalent. It works for a lt of people dry ice isn’t always available and you have a freezer already. KISS


Thank you. Not everyone can or wants to do all the lavish things. I do it only for myself and I do think I have done better than average and I really don’t care if it isn’t done as the masters say it should be. This was my keef taken from my last years grow.

Quite a haul from 6 plants and yes it is pure and no there is no green in it.



They were just showing other tutorials.

I have to say, your collection looks more pure than what my dad gave to me. He said he was one screen away from hash, so I’m assuming he meant what you have.

Man, he grew some bad a$$ smoke…


I was just asked to write a thread on my method which I did. I personally want to KISS and all the expensive, equipment and the technical words and motions leave me flat. That’s all nothing more just an alternative idea.


I appreciated the post. Thanks @highcountrygal


Very interesting post, @highcountrygal! A question: how high is the screen above the freezer paper, and how do you keep it there? Or, does it lay directly on the freezer paper? Can the keif be dry vaped or is it too small? Gonna have to give this a try, fo sho!


Why does blonde hash come to mind? Is that a thing? It’s probably a memory from my teen years. I had a friend who ALWAYS had hash.

@highcountrygal yours looks scrumptious and I do not see a green spec in it! It looks blonde!

I smoked my last joint yesterday and I’m seriously kicking my own ass for NOT making the most of my first harvest :pensive:


your right, I don’t see any green lol


Dry ice and a 25 micron bubble hash bag works great as well
You just need to watch fir change in color in the kief when it starts to darken up your getting flower material in with the tricombes
Dry sifting with trim bin screen and or pollen separators you will also get flower material the longer you rub it
Just a fyi folks
Happy shaking and sifting peeps


@DieHigh55 Morning! The top tray sits it the bottom tray and as I look I would say maybe an inch or so between them, it’s a unit 2 trays one with the screen and the other just empty. I just set the freeze paper on the bottom of the second tray and when the screen tray sits in the bottom it holds it in place. HarvestMore Trim Bin -Gray It paid for itself with my first time using it. It’s ergonomic and can be used anywhere you sit! I use my keef in joints and by pipe and there is no reason it would work in a dry vape! Let me know how it works for you!


@Fairieswear8oots Good morning! Ah blonde hash that’s a way back machine trip! Yes it does look blonde it’s a mix of 6 plants, hence the different colors. I know how you feel I almost gave all of my trim away and I am so thankful I stumbled on this method! OMG even though it’s over a year old it tastes as fresh as the day it was harvested. Let me know if you try it and what you think!


Ahhhhhh now you’re just “rubbing”it in lmao pun intended :wink:


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thank you for your input! I don’t want to use dry ice it’s dangerous and my goal here is to give people an alternative to having to go through all of the steps and dry ice is not available to everyone. FYI there is absolutely no green in this keef or it would show green! Come try some you will change your mind. I wouldn’t tell people if I thought it was an inferior way. Actually the screen in my trim bin is the same microns as the smallest bag of the 5 you have to use to get the same end result! Have you ever tried it?

Right now I am going say not every one has the finances to be able to buy all of the stuff that these methods require. I am not against anyone’s methods do what is right for you, but there are other alternatives that are just as effective as the high end ones and I don’t understand why people try to ‘show’ others that an alternative method is an inferior answer. Want to do a lab test on purity fine with me, there is no green in that jar!

I am a firm believer in KISS and I will compare methods any day the proof is in the pudding so they say.


@highcountrygal I applaud this type of thread. I enjoy and embrace other ways. There is always another way. You have adapted to an issue that is personal and are smart to know that dry ice can be a health issue to you specifically. You don’t want to touch stuff that sits at -100+ degrees (at the surface, much colder inside) which will kill flesh within seconds.
Safe alternative to making Kief, pretty clever.
Nice thread, informative and with pictures :+1::nerd_face: