How to dry buds

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Using a cardboard box is quite straight forward. I push the stems through holes punched in the top and secure them with binder clips. Any thing will work to hold the stems I just have a lot of binder clips.
This is what I am talking about

To slow the dry I cover the open side of the box. Paper, cardboard, towel - whatever. I also put a hygrometer in the box (best if hung like it is a bud) to monitor the rH. If low I will even put a bowl of water in there. If high I have a fan blow across the face of the box. Not directly on the buds. If the environment cooperates a good dry time is 7 or more days. Tag me @beardless if I can be of further help. Have a great harvest


I made one out of a Lowe’s wardrobe box
I installed a usb powered pc fan
I also used carbon filtering from Lowe’s that you cut I used it on the passive intakes as well to make sure any home odors or anything could interfere
I got a WiFi plug so I could turn the fan on and off whenever
I also got a govee WiFi hydrometer to monitor the temp and Rh in the box
It worked great cost less than $40 if you don’t want to buy the hydrometer and WiFi plug

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