How to do scrogging

how high should the netting be above the plants? How often do I top? is it ever too late to scrog?

I really like this tutorial on scrog I’ve been arguing with myself trying to convince myself to try a scrog, matter of fact I ordered a net that should be here today. I have the plants in cups now just haven’t decided 100% yet. The reason I’m so hesitant is because almost all my friends say it is a pain in the ass to do scrog. They say the problem is that once you put the net up you can’t get to the plants in the back of your tent. I just wanted to share this with you not to talk you out of doing it but just to give you the con I’m hearing about it. Here’s the link though, good luck :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:


That is one of the problems I’m having. Sometimes I make a mess trying to water the ones in the back but hopefully the ends justify the means.

I’m wanting to try scrog too. I worried about getting to the back of the plants also. To fix this I’m making a scrog cart with the net and everything on wheels so I can roll them and spin them around in order to work on the training. Just wanted to throw my input in since I was worried about the same issue. I’ll report on how it goes if you’d like.

drop a pic of your setup. are grow in a tent?

I don’t have it completed yet but I’ll post pics when I do.

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