How to do a nutrients and water change in SCROG


I was thinking about a screen for my next grow of blue haze, blue dream, and blue cheese. I am just trying to see how other members do it because it looks like a pain. Is there any method that doesn’t require a pump to get old nutrients out? I am thinking about an adjustable screen that lest me lift plants and lids up about 6" to give me enough room to get the roots out of the bucket for a nutrient and water change. Or maybe I am thinking about it the hard way lol.


I had the same problem. I now have a recirculating system I built with separate reservoir.


Do you think 3 plants is doable in a 4’x4’ space? Or do you think it would be too cluttered?


I would like to see your system if you have pics.


This is an older picture, I have made a couple of upgrades. BUT I’m in a 13x13 room with 20gal trash cans. In your situation with a tent, you would probably need to put your reservoir outside the tent


Thanks GDP, but now I have another problem, I want your grow space lol.


I use a shopvac to remove run-off, and a funnel hooked-up to a tube for watering. A portable scrog is great, too, especially for flushing.

An adjustable screen is great for starting a scrog, but once the screen is filled, you won’t be able to adjust it w/o damaging your plant.

Edit: you’re in hydro, so a bit different than soil.


This is what I watched to build mine


How are your res temps?


@bryan who is this question for?


@Grandaddy013 was asking you. I am curious how water temps do in that large a bucket and room. Thanks


@bryan I use a gallon milk jug and a 2litre bottle of ice, and swap with fresh ones daily. I keep the room I grow in 70-72 degrees, and use hydrogaurd in the water. No problems thus far. I’m running 3 20 gallon buckets using approximately 50 gallons of water


Thx. I really like the way your setup works. Wish I had that much room.


I got lucky