How to cover up noise from a filter system

From a fellow grower: I live in a 8 unit Townhouse where my unit is on the second floor and the left end unit. It is ste at a higher level than the first division of townhouse so I overlook them and have the best view here. Now, my first set of indoor grown plants are flowering very nicely and do not put out any smell as of yet. Maybe because of the air neutralizer I have in back of the fan I am using for now. I have 2 indoor grow tents and the first one is set up with the charcoal filter and fan, but I am not using it for right now. I have a normal fan that is blowing the air through 2 vent hoses that go into each tent and that is working just fine with temperature and humidity. When the plants start to really put out smell, which I know there is no stopping it at that point, how do I cover up the smell from my full grown buds? I am not using the filter and fan from my first kit I bought because it was a bit noisy. How do I cover up the sound from the filter system and fan that came with my kit when I have to run it? Where I live is a Gated Townhouse Community and gets very quiet in the evenings.

Welcome to the community it is good to mount fan and carbon filter inside tent hang it from the top of tent with short bungee cords. Putting inside tent helps to baffle sound. I also use a sound deadener kit on the outside of the fan housing basically peel-and-stick. That also helps. Your flex line coming off of exhaust fan it is always good to try to keep that line straight as possible less bends less restriction less noise. I am assuming you’re exhausting it outside. Good luck

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