How to cook with cannabis?

I hear a lot of people talking about cooking with cannabis. How does this work? Just add some bud to your dish?

Once you have harvested and your crop and dried your product, you’ll probably be eager to start using marijuana. Of course, the traditional way to use marijuana is by smoking it. But, marijuana is also quite edible and makes for some rather potent recipes. Although some people might not like the taste of marijuana in their food, it can be something of an acquired taste that only gets better with time. Indeed, the effect of edible marijuana usually won’t come around for at least an hour or two after you’ve consumed it. But, it does tend to last longer than a high acquired through smoking.

It’s also beneficial for medical marijuana patients who do not want the harsh side effects of smoking. Cannabis edibles are often used for chemotherapy patients because smoking is just too dangerous for their lungs. It’s also much more effective at treating nausea than virtually anything else. In some recipes, the taste of marijuana can be heavy, but, in others, it’s decidedly less noticeable.
It’s also possible to get some use out of the leaves and stems when cooking with marijuana. Usually, these parts of the plant get overlooked for the much more potent buds on the female plant. When used in cooking recipes, however, leaves and stems provide a somewhat decent high. Obviously, they still aren’t going to be as powerful as a THC-laden bud would be, but they can help you use every part of the plant so nothing goes to waste.

One of the most common recipes that cannabis connoisseurs will use is cannabis butter (or, cannabutter). This is largely because it has so many potential uses. To make it, you really only need to melt two sticks of butter in a pot of boiling water. Then, you add about 7 grams of finely chopped marijuana (which can include leaves and stems). You stir this mixture every so often and then after a while you let it cool. After it’s cooled for about six hours, you put the mixture back onto the stove and heat it until it’s a liquid again. Then, just strain the contents to make sure the cannabis stays out, place the remaining concoction in the fridge, and wait until it solidifies. This makes some high-quality cannabis butter that can be used for a variety of different dishes.

In fact, cannabis butter can be used for virtually anything that you would use real butter for. It can be used to make brownies, fudge, and almost anything that calls for butter. You can even spread it on your breakfast toast for an early morning buzz. But, cannabis in food doesn’t just stop with butter. You can even include powdered marijuana in your recipes to increase the high. For instance, pot brownies typically consist of both cannabis butter and powdered marijuana. Thus, you’re getting hit from two different angles. Cannabis epicures have long had a taste for some of the ganja in their food. It can be beneficial to both recreational and medicinal users and is one of the most delectable ways to use marijuana.


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Can you also point out the penalty for eating to much to soon and the bad effect it will have on you.

The penalty will be getting incredibly stoned, and it will last for a longer time than smoking. That is a stiff penalty. Some people have been known to freak out thinking they are going to die. I promise this will not happen. Chill!!! The good thing about marijuana is that there are no Cannabinoid receptors on the brain stem. That means unlike opiates, you don’t have to worry about passing out and stop breathing. I work in the medical field and laugh my ass off when people come in sure that they are going to die because they have eaten or smoked “too much weed”. Relax and ride it out. LOL


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hi i have a question. can you cook with the hash from the bubble bags?