How to convince the wife/husband

In trying to convince my wife that we “needed” to grow our own, I came up with a brilliant idea. Since covid started she hasn’t been able to go to the gym… Since my oldest child moved out of the guesthouse…

… compromise!


Has anyone gone through great lengths to persuade your loved one?!


I grew one plant , we smoked it , she got me a better light -.-




That’s nice though trying to do some activities with the wife


For sure! We get the kids down for the night and head out there. We’re both busy for an hour and then get to the smoking! Great way to end the day


It was actually my wife’s idea. She couldn’t grow a dandelion so I threw my hat in the ring. She’s not one to read an instruction manual but I am.


My wife’s been steadily using more marijuana as time goes on. At 70$ for an eighth in our local dispensary vs growing our own with all our products using things packaged as organic… it was easy. Plus I let her pick the seeds. Making the plants is a family affair.


^ this. Drew out simple ROI. Savings go to the occasional luxury item for her.

Oh you want more genetics I’ll have a David yurman bracelet in a year pls :rofl:

Winner winner to OP compromise is key to marriage!


My wife has told me repeatedly that she’s glad I grow: we know exactly what is in the cannabis and the end result is far superior to dispensary weed.


You should check with @JB00 she had to start a covert grow from her husband.


70 for an eighth??! Highway freaking robbery!


@Calizona I had to start growing. My husband was using alcohol to treat his newly acquired chronic pain syndrome and the rest of the family was suffering. I suffered the most. Seeing him in pain and spreading that pain was destroying us.

I didn’t want to sneak but he didn’t want me to grow so I had to. Right now my first crop completed their first week of flower in the flower tent. And he knows now. :grin: I’ve got Gold Leaf, Grand daddy Purple, Orange Bud and LSD growing flowering.

I’ve got Peach Puree CBD and Super Critical Bud CBD along with Marmalate Early Version, Pineapple Crack and Wedding Cake in the veg tent. And I just started some new seeds. I haven’t even harvested the first grow and I’m planing the third. :grin: :rofl: :joy: There’s just thousands of different seeds so I have to plant them all. :blush:

I can’t wait until he uses the meds I grew for him. It’s going to be awesome!


That’s awesome! :blush: I wish that was the case with my husband. He doesn’t want to learn anything about growing. I’m hoping when he finally experiences some pain relief from my grow he will come around. My grown son has been helping me. I’ve been reading and researching and studying and applying it all to my grow. :blush:


What is he interested in ? Well you know sometimes we have to compromise, and sometimes taste can defer and that’s fine , as long you are happy when you go back to him and the other way around , I’m growing some fruits and simple stuff to grow using the extra light in my tent , it will be nice if a ever get a couple of strawberries going

Now I’m trying to propagate outside

Just try things out you’ll never run out of things to do


Just awesome!

The strawberries look great! Is that mint there next to it?

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I think is called Mexican mint and they propagate fast and consistently but yes mint, so the idea is getting a hand full in the morning making some te add lil sugar , strawberries :strawberry: well hopefully just learn how to grow them


Thats awesome! It grows really well here in the desert usually. We had a mint strain called chocolate, growing for a couple of years and it sure as heck tasted like it. One rough arizona summer, and all the herbs were toast. Haven’t found it locally since


Nice probably the kind that goes into chocolate -.-

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