How to control temperature in Grow tent - AZ

Hello. Newbie here. I have a grow tent (5ft. x 5ft). I currently have 2 grow lights (600w, and 1000w). My grow tent is in my garage, and during the summertime here in AZ, the temperature can go up to 100 degrees plus. I have 2 questions: 1.) How can I control the temperature inside my grow tent to maintain the preferred temp that marijuana plants require? 2.) I would like to grow an easy autoflower strain. Is there an Autoflower strain that grows well in hot climates?


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Move your tent inside would be the easiest and cheapest method to do so. If thats not possible I would suggest a portable AC unit hooked to an inkbird temp controller. (The AC will heed to be able to stay in the on setting even after power gets cut by controller so it can then kick back on when the controller wants it back on. Think switches vs push button. Another way to drop tent temp (which wont help you in the garage but will with tebt inside your home) is to remove the driver from your light and set it up outside the tent. This will make it much easier to maintain desired temo inside the tent.

Nothing grows good in temps above 100. Most cannabis thrives in contenental climate. Once you start getting past 85 degrees it gets very uncomfortable for the plant. The only way I know to combat that is to keep the roots bellow 75-80 degrees. @plumbdand how do you go about beating the AZ heat when growing outdoors?


You need to check @Dj351 has a great post which will solve your problems


@Medicineman33 thanks, you’re going to give me a big head lol. Everything is going well with my grow
AC is working great! 76 degrees, light on, ac running, exhaust on. Happy growing

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I grow outside in greenhouses in the ground. I grow white clover around the bases of my plants for various reasons. One is that it helps keep the roots cooler. Im at 5000ft elevation we’re 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.


The climate in most of Arizona isn’t conducive to growing in garage without conditioned air. The equipment and operating costs to do this successfully can get pretty expensive too. I would move your grow into a climate controlled environment, scale down if you need to.


I agree with you. My plan is to eventually build a 12x16 room onto my garage that I can keep at constant temperature but for now my ac application to my tent is working. I’m thinking of trying to insulate my tent.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. i had a feeling that I might have to scale down to a smaller tent and move it inside the house.

Thank You, I’m new to this forum. How do I check other people’s post?

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