How to control skunk odor coming underneath the door of bedroom

Controlling skunk odor

This work great for me

~Al :v: :innocent:

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ozium works well also,and a thick towel across bottom of door…lol


Thank you both I will try them I already have the towel underneath the door hopefully the wife will let me keep them

You’re welcome @Jjman :innocent:

If you can put an exhaust fan in it would be best and you’d keep the room in a neg pressure nothing would escape under door would need to be sized for square footage of room
Good luck if you need assistance sizing one tag me I’m in the Hvac field

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Great tips @Countryboyjvd1971 :+1::ok_hand:

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That’s a great idea but wouldn’t go out my gable vents my neighbors are about 20 feet away,it’s pretty strong doing very well

But I would have a happy wife which might pay off ha ha ha ha

they have charcoal filters also to scrubb the stinch…

@Jjman What are you just have fans and lights in your closet or do you have a tent that they are in being in a closet I know ventilating could be tough but a carbon filter will do wonderful things in your wife won’t even know mine has no clue that I have mine going on

Get a charcoal filter nobody will know what’s going on inside the house bro something like this

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What I have is plants growing underneath a 2’ x 6’ table with a 600 W galaxy Hydro and three 2 tube 4’ CFL’s they are doing pretty good I put some outside I put some in 3 gallon pots but the rest are still in 1 gallon pots I’m going to let them finish like that as out of room in learning a lesson I have just maybe doing two at a time .I have a large box fan also blowing on a full-time thanks all for the advice .here is a picture of my set up if it comes out


Buying the carbon filter as we speak thanks again


You won’t believe the difference it will make

Thanks again I appreciate all the help I am going to bed y’all have a good night

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