How to control environmental humidity while still maintaining proper air flow?

Ok so I live in a humid area I have a dehumidifier but it’s pointless to run if I’m replacing the air every couple minutes. My humidity is in the 70s today an I’m about 3 weeks from harvest any suggestions?

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Dehumidify the room outside the tent…


Can u get a bigger dehumid and keep the lung room in check better


What I do. I have a fairly large dehumidifier and run it in the room that my tent is in rather than in the tent itself. I also prefer running a dehumidifer from outside the tent, as the dehumidifier generates quite a bit of heat.


I found that out with the heat having one in my room. Got real warm real quick. Lol. Was told to the lung room if had a lung room not venting from outside or whatever to do the lung room up and the grow room will follow shortly after.

Inclined centrifugal fans at least a 490CFM unit with dehumidifier might work , but you have to reduce your negative pressure for water evaporation but move your positive pressure enough to not allow the humidity to get to high or low and the moving air stay at prime drying temp at 68-76 ° with about 58% humidity for 23 days drying would be perfectO for the beginning of the curing start and yes I’ll leave the jars in that same climate but in the dark . Water wash your buds like Sauer Crout or Canning pickles , so worth water curing bud washing.