How to clone your plants

I want to learn how to clone from one of my other plants. I have never tried to do that. I am still learning about growing from seed to harvest. Can I clone auto flowering plants that are about 3 weeks from harvest

Cloning a flowering plant is called monster cropping. It would probably be quite a challenge with an auto plant. A photo plant would be more ideal since it’s impossible to re-veg an auto.


You can but it will not be worth the hassle. Autos will not go back into veg. the stress of cloning will stunt its growth big time. In the end you will have more harvest if you leave the branch on the plant. In general leave autos alone or with low stress techniques only…

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You just saved me so much space in my grow room. I have been wasting time trying to clone this super silver haze auto and it just will not root. Thank you!