How to catch run off?

Hi family
I am growing in coco and learning very quickly from my mistakes thanks to you all.
I am using a 2x2 with only one plant. I intend to water until i get run off.
Im not really set up for this without it getting messy. I currently remove Cyril outside onto the driveway. This is ok now but as it grows this wont be so easy or stealthy.
Can anyone show me your set up in a tight space to easily catch the run off and remove?
Here is Cyril

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Use a saucer under the pot.

Amazon plant saucers are overpriced. You can get a better price from a local hardware or hydro store.

A riser will keep the pot out of the standing water in the saucer.


All together in one device:


I’m not in the same size space, but concept is the same. You just need a saucer, and something to lift your plant off the saucer so the pot doesn’t sit in run off. I use multiple objects. Even flipped over smaller saucers to sit plants on.
I remove runoff with a bucket head vacuum from Home Depot.

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@Newt these are great. I have these, too. Sometimes the catcher overflows. but I can deal with it.

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I use the old style round plastic oil change pans and my plants on a wire rack on wheels above the pan.

You can just see the pan under the white grow bag and wire rack.

I ended up with this set-up


What is the tray the plant is sitting on?
It looks like a fitting and hose could be added to have it drain outside the tent.

Next time fill the pot more. The volume of the pot is reduced significantly by filling it up.

I use one of these under every pot. They come in diff sizes, have a drain and clean easily. I also put a plastic grate under the plant – so when I water runoff goes into the pan but the plant doesn’t sit in it.

I drain the water into a small tray that comes with the metal base to collect the water to test.

BUT – I need the rollers, you may not. So a saucer with grate works.


I bought it from a local hydro store. It did come with a spigot to attach a tap or hose, but this had no value for me.

Many good suggestions to collect runoff.
But I bottom fed one in coco this run and Idk why more don’t do it this way.
I have no waist water and no numbers to collect as no run-off…

Its exactly how autopots work and they work extremely well…

Just an idea my freind…

Oh here is the bottom fed plant.
The one on the left is given about ⅓-½ gal of nutrient solution a day simply poured into the tray it sits in.


I’m going to do that with my gdp this run.

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How do you do your bottom feed/watering?

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I scoop some out of reservoir and simply pour it into the dish the pot sits in.
That was a bad picture as you can’t see the bottom of pot :man_facepalming:
Sorry about that but here it is.

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Do know what the brand name is of those trays. I would definitely be interested in finding some of those :+1:

I’m intrigued. I bought a system with a 5 gal bucket and watering lines but haven’t set it up yet. Looks so stinking complicated.

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This is first time I’ve tried it and it seems to be working great so far.
But i was like, if i water from top i will be going through more water and nutrients and its more work.
I have autopots that I love so I thought :thinking: why would it not work?
Its exactly how autopots work, only difference is I do it manually.

I need to read up on autopots. I’m using fabric pots. But, the autopot system seems to be very similar to what I have – it just feeds from the top. This is what I got

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My autopots are fabric, you can get them with plastic or fabric. Smallest fabric ones are 5gal though so some get plastic because smaller size options.
I sware fir my work schedule, its the best investment I’ve made in my garden.

I made my own upgraded reservoir, they come with a 12gal or so tank and sale biger ones but they are crazy expensive when I got a 31gal trash can fir $20 and it has wheels :rofl:
A tank from them this size is a few hundred dollars.

The kits are kinda pricey but well worth it in my opinion.
Not seen any that uses them that wouldn’t agree with me… if they disagree then they didn’t use them right :sweat_smile::rofl:

Yeah that blumat or how ever it’s spelled looks super complicated.
I considered it before my autopots…
The autopots are so simple it is the ultimate grow tent hack that isn’t talked about enough…

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