How to capture the true aroma and flavor

I am a very successful home grower. nice thick buds… feminized seeds. i’m like a chemist with fertilizers. stoney as hell. BUT i cant seem to really capture the aroma and flavor of the buds named. blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, all smell the same. freshly cut hay!!!

Any one else have the same problem?

My process is 36 to 48 hours darkness, then i cut down, then i hang in super sized paper bags for 3 days, then in large mason jars burping once to twice a day until cured, about 3 more weeks.

signed; frustrated in boston


Dry trim or wet trim?

Slow dry, slow cure, don’t get below 55% will all help to maintain the terpenes you have. 3 days to dry is WAY too fast IMO.


wet trim after 2 days drying in bag

im not sure how to slow it down

I’m not dry after three days. just too dry for me not to put in a jar. I’m not at 50% humidity. I’m drying in my house. i grow out doors in pots. buds are smaller because i pinch every time till flowering.

10 day slow dry bro I’m having the same issue so in 5 weeks I’ll let you know how it works

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I’m on my second grow and on my first grow I tried the 24 and 48 hrs of darkness. I have harvested 2 trees from my second grow without the 24hrs 48 hrs of darkness and noticed that the trees are still sticky which none of my first grow had any stickiness by the time I chopped them but they were very sticky before the extra darkness. The two I just harvested in the last month have the best flavor ever, so I would try not doing the darkness and don’t over do with the nutes and really try just water for the last two weeks. @sambonie also I don’t trimm until after they dry

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i have plants to compare it to. i would say after 48 hours of darkness. I’m at 25% thicker buds. i did the comparison. should have taken pics. ill try to next time. it is noticeable.

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@sambonie, all I know is what the pros tell me. 7 to 10 days drying followed by a cure in jars (or Homer buckets) for at least a month, venting on a schedule as the chlorophyll breaks down.

If you are having trouble slowing down your drying time, leave the fan leaves on when you hang the branches. This will shroud the buds somewhat during drying. It’ll be a pita to remove later but at least your crop dried properly.

good thought. how ever this year i’m not going to have that luxury cause im in boston and we went thru a 2 week rainy season. bud rot set in-- and i needed to clean and prevent spread. so all the fan leaves went in the clean up… did not disrupt the budding. so beautiful…

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YES BUD ROT CAN BE STOPED!!! I just did it with a daily report of nothing. for a week now. a huge sigh of relief. should i post how i did it successfully? or does it matter?

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For stronger taste and aroma, increase the Terpines and terpenoids in the plant this is ways responsible for smell and taste however smelling like hay is usually a sign of a early harvest


good catch, yes is a early harvest on a few good special plants @ 50% brown hair . however I’m trying to capture the most of the flavor. how to capture it? puzzling

Its not puzzling its super simple they need,to go longer to reach the full potential of their taste until all hairs are dark

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In heavy paper bags I add a boveda pack or two and I go at least a week or more. Slow Dry and slow cure!


It is tough with immature buds. I think an even longer slower drying would bring them around. If they smell like mowed grass in the jars, they still have too much chlorophyll in them. Get them back into the bags with a hygrometer till they get down to 55 rH keep the bag closed, but open it 3-4 times a day for fresh air and toss the bud. Best Wishes

if that doesn’t work consider making oil or something…

well thanks bud!! appreciate your reply’s all i have learned a lot so far in here. @Majiktoker ty. im going to push the buds longer. @Myfriendis410 ty good thought. @Macadon im going to try that on a plant and see. but dude. im a beliver in the size differences.


I hear ya sir let me know how it turns out. I split the stem on mine and I’m a believer that that fattens them up also

Keep us posted I look forward to your progress