How to calculate yield


@Viktor7 Just a general rule…
When dried correctly, say 7-12 days in a climate controlled environment of around 65-70°, humidity of around 50-55% and proper airflow, you should get approx. 20% of the wet weight in Sativa and approx. 25% if it’s Indica because it tends to be more dense. This is the weight ratio estimate for well trimmed buds. Yours is a Sativa Dominate hybrid strain so it could fluctuate between 20-25%.

I’ve heard it said that you get approx. 12% of the wet weight if you weigh the whole plant but I’m not too sure of that. The 20 to 25% estimate is pretty spot-on as far as it has going with me. Again this is just an estimate and it by no means give you an exact science to count on but it will give you an idea. So figure 1.5-1.85 pounds give or take. (If buds are nicely trimmed.
If that’s the total weight of the entire plant/plants then it would be between .75-1lb maybe a little more.

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Genetics of strain are always dominate, as long as you have good lighting and good soil you will be able to grow great yields, unfortunately you will never go beyond the genetic diversity even with in the same strain. Take a cutting from the best producers.

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Attached are a few pics of GG4, first time grower and poster. My question is, these plants are at 30 days into flowering and I’m curious if this is typical bid growth or is it lacking for being at 8 weeks? Any input would be good, thanks.


They do look fine for 30 days of flower. But they look like they were/are stretching for light. You need to lower the light or add a stronger light @Anonyboii


Yeah I raised the lights earlier in veg because I thought I was having issues with the light burning them. However, I realized they just wanted a different watering schedule and have totally forgotten to lower them down when I figured it out, ugh. Thanks for the help. I lowered it yesterday and I am adding another light I already have until I can buy a better light set up.


I was actually thinking the same thing. What brands are good? There is soooo much to pick from that I don’t want to spend money on something that ends up being and expensive p.o.s.

Are you trying to stay in a certain price range? How big of a grow do u have?


Would two 85 watt 6500k cfl bulbs or two 65 watt incandescent bulbs that produce heat be better for flowering? Here some pictures of them currently under the cfls, just switched to 12/12 yeaterday


Are those true watts or equivalent?

By true i mean at the wall wattage?



Tru watts , &&how is the plant looking?


She is gorgeous. And that maybe enough for vegging (1 or 2 plants tops n probably not the whole veg cycle). Not sure about for flower though


Apparently its plenty tho (for veg) Is that what you have been using so far?


I am new to this. I planted and got 2 plants. They started june12th. They are now 15 inches and 17 inches. 7 levels of leaves. I can’t tell if they are female or male. I think they are sativa. It is august 22nd. Should I cut them? And because this is northern jersey I will be bringing them inside. Any help would be appreciated. I will try to paste a picture.


Welcome @Duke2. Yes, please send photos. Cut them? Good Lord, no!.. unless you have a male. Do you mean “top” them? That you could do. Assuming that these are photos and not autos, these plants will soon be old enough to switch to 12/12, though it sounds like they are a bit on the short side, but this may just be their phenotype. (White Widows seems to stay pretty short until they go into stretch, during flower.). Do you have any idea what you’re growing?


I don’t have any idea what they are but I am going to try and send a picture tomorrow of them both. I was told how to send a pic and hopefully will find out. Everyone has been very helpful in directing me on where to go and I’m much appreciative for it.


Give me names too :grin: in priva.


I have a crx sunny 1800watt led cob, is this a good light?


Typically wet /4.2 you get dry weight. Worked me every time.


I agree !00%… there are a lot of cheap led lights on wish and amazon etc… buy a led grow light of a local importer is probably best…go for the high end led lights. the money you s[pend on a good led light you save in power… we don’t even notice the light on our power bill and the plants love it.
the led I use was $1000 on sale now its $670… that’s nzd


You can save a lot of money if you are handy by building them yourself. And then you know you have the best LEDs and other components in your light as you put them there.

@dbrn32 is the guy to talk to to point you in the right direction for parts.

Happy growing,