How to calculate electricity consumption of your lights and other appliance πŸ’²πŸ’‘πŸ’»πŸ“ˆ


Here’s the formula for calculating the kilowatt consuming by your appliance (true watts consumption)

The formula is : Number of hours of utilisation Γ— Number of days Γ—( Number of watts have your lights Γ·1000) example : 300 watts Γ· 1000 = 0.3 kilowatt. A schedule of 18/6 for 30 days gone a give :18Γ—30Γ—0.3= 162 kilowatt for 30 days. That’s gone a give you how much kilowatt your lamp or appliance are consuming in a definite time, just multiply by the rate of your local electricity distributor charging.

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How much electricity is a noticeable amount for an electric company?

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@Niala, great info,even tho I’m an outdoor grower, and for the cost of it ,I will be abkevto work out if viable option for me through out winter thank you


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Wow… my HPS will cost me $26.54 per month to run.
Mine sleep during the day, during the costly time to use electricity here.
They’re awake mostly during the cheap time!

Ooh, and btw, I wired it 240v.


You probably forgot to take the royalty fee in your calculation because I do not know anywere who’s local electricity compagny charging total around 8. 23 cents per kilowatt/hour. If you do, you are a very lucky man.

I don’t know what you’re trying to achieved here, however, I don’t wish to play that game, and sincerly wish you all the good and a happy growing @Traumamedic



Well for one, I told you I wired at 240 volts.
It’s only drawing 1.2 amps.
And for two, we belong to a co-op.
And three, I get a discount on electricity because I work for the electric company.

And what game are you talking about playing?
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What other math do we have to do if using 240?


Thank You @Niala… This formula is exactly what I needed for my new grow room,…
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"Building a BIGGER grow room… "
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