How to build RDWC system


Fill water to approximately 1 1/2 inches below net pot. I don’t know about drippers, never used them


Hey, how is your system doing? What did you do with your drippers


That’s good thanks.
OK so i’m a new be on the rdwc built me rdwc, got all canna nutes in, I’ve noticed I got little bits floating at top of the 26liter bucket’s
My pH is far from stable adding pH down all the time, could the floating bits to much oxygen??
Thanks for ya time :slight_smile:


All good with build thanks having problems with adding pH down every minute😣


What’s your PPM’s running


1.2ec the leaves starting to pale and new growth pale…
My pH is stable at 7.4 :persevere:


In hydro pH should be 5.8 The reason your leaves are starting to pale is pH is too high and has got your nutrients locked out.


Yup that pH is waaaay outta range. Get that down and your girls with be able to eat some of that EC/ppm down


Thanks for that guys
Okay I get pH dwn to 5.8 and 5 mins later it’s up 7+
I’ve cut oxygen pump to min, I’ve switched the recullating
Pump off and just add pH down in main bucket and let pH drift
In other bucket’s seems to be better but after an hour an half pH up 7+ :confused:


Time to call in the big dogs. @bryan @TDubWilly @boardsbird @Donaldj

He is in hydro. And pH keeps jumping. Any idea?

OP fill out a support ticket just in case.

Haha they have arrived already!


What are you using to adjust and check your PH ? Those numbers are crazy


Are you sure your ph meter is working correctly? I was having the same problem then I checked it with a liquid ph check stuff that came with my ph up down and realized my new freshly calibrated meter was way off. I just ordered a good meter yesterday to replace it with.


Tell me about it
Okay so checked pH meter all gd
So I just checked pH in main bucket’s and its 5.2
When it gets to 6.2 I’ll message…


Yeah keep watch and if you have any way to check it with something else do so just to be sure.


You should let you nutrient solution sit for 30 min before reading PH, then once your work out how many drops you need, you PH your nutrient mix and then stir, let sit 30 min and take reading, this way you let you solution stabilize before adding anything. If phing straight water figure out your recipe based on your home water and let sit 30 min before taking readings. Hope this helps


I wouldn’t turn the air down. A lot of PH problem are root problems that cause PH problem. And i’m with @Blasting let the nutrients sit you can even aerate it over night before you PHing


the insulation around the pots, is that for water temperature reasons?


I imagine it is. Like the way mine is it reflects light back off the totes which keeps my water temp at least 10 degrees cooler than the room. And cool water temps is a must in hydro. The 4 holes are where the net pots go.


Sweet! I like the Idea… and can see where it is useful in helping with the temps!

Nice job!


Yes, just to help keep the temps where I want them. I noticed my pots would “sweat” on warmer days with the cooler water inside and the insulation seemed to help.