How to build RDWC system


Mine came with a six outlet adapter as well but having a 794 GPH air pump running to a 4 inch airstone for each bucket makes a lot of bubbles so I don’t use the adapters. I use frozen Gatorade bottles to cool off my reservoir.



How well do the plants do when they get bigger being so close to each other?


They do fine, you just Have to train them to their space and know your space well enough that you don’t out grow it


True depending on the size of the space. I am all about training my girls to go where I want them to go.


@TDubWilly you should do a scrog in your 2x4 setup with one plant.


last grow I had 3 different strains in same res. The roots grew into one giant biomass of roots. This time they are already that way going into week 2 of veg. I am running 3 separate units this time:sweat_smile: 3ft x 5ft holds 2 units, total 6 plants


Nice I am running the blue pack right now. So blue haze, blue cheese, and blue dream.


How would I need to do it If i wanted to have a 18gal rubbermaid to some kind of reservoir so I dont need to work under my 3x4 screen to change nutes? Or what would be a cool setup for multiple plants in low height without a screen? I have 5’ to work with and want to go hydro for that room.


Like this?




I spread the plant above into the scrog last night. Scrog is the only way i grow


I found that RDWC is best for my needs and style. Here’s a couple pics of my ILGM GSC in week 1 of flower.



Hey vexer what is your YouTube channel I would like to check you out and follow you if you wouldn’t mind


I actually have no idea. I had it set up for a school assignment and just posted the video there so I could share the link.


I have a reservoir where I add water and nutes. I have a drain on my system for when I change the water. Can’t take these off to add nutes or anything


How long are y’all vegging for to get those awesome results


I started mine from seed and flipped the switch after about 7 weeks…so about 5 weeks or so of veg time for me.


I dropped my seeds on June 19th. I flipped my lights to 12/12. 22 days ago


Hiya all, I’ve built my first rdwc system using net pot’s n clay pebbles I’ve filled buckets with me nutes just bellow the pots I’ve put some drippers on top…
How long do u have the drippers going for ten minutes every hour or constantly on??
I’ve noticed if u fill buckets and submerge all pebbles the pH rise’s even tho they’re well soaked
Hence I’ve put drippers in…
Thank you