How to build an epic SCROG system

OK, G’day hope your well… I have to start with this isn’t my design, (i hope @peachfuzz doesn’t mind i spill some masterful secrets)……its a double screen that is designed to be hung and it is Awesome… Ok so ive been asked a few times already, and this the way ‘I’ make it… its with easy tools and a tape……:wink:


Conduit: depending on the size of the screen add up the lengths of conduit you will want… depending on the size of the screen it will decide on the size of coduit u want to use… this screen is almost 5 ft so I used inch… the fuzz uses 3/4… the thinner the bendier… but you wont think oh mine wont bend and use inch on a 2ft screen as it will take up too much room and you wont need it…:smirk:

a trick I do is measure them in half and cut them at the shop so they fit in the car…as they are 12 ft lengths :grin: using a plastic tube cutter or pipe cutter… see below. this will make this process bearable,u ease the blade into the pipe rock back and forth and push the blade through, man woman or child can use this…

you will need 8 elbows and 8 t fittings for the same size conduit…

a roll of bricklayers nylon stringline, bright coloured so you don’t accidentally cut it while in use…

you will also need a tape measure
rubber mallet
cordless drill
drill bits

@Thumper @Southerngal @Rayofsunshine @Oldguy… anyone else who may be interested please tag them, @Grandaddy013… i know you know what you are doing but i like tagging you in stuff buddy…


decide on the top square size… this is 5 ft for discussions sake… the square below is meant to be 4 ft… (but because i cut them in half at the shop i wouldn’t have had enough… but for arguments sake it worked out)… check these two… put the elbow on them tap them on with the mallet, measure, take elbows off…

set out where the square wants to be on the next two… tap it all together… check

there is no easy way to give you measurements here because all conduit can be different… just remember you are always going to be putting this together and taking it apart to check…:grin:


the screens are 8 inches apart, so where the screen is going to be… your going to have to figure that out by measuring or it can be by trial and error., then get all of them the right length… tap it all together… try to be as accurater as u can with your conduit measurements…

TA da!..


i use 8 button screws to stop the bottom screen falling off… the string itself holds the screen together…


mark out the bottom screen to 6 inch squares, i start grid set out on the right amount so its half and half on each edge… hard to explain… you will see in a sec…


then i set out for the top screen 100mm or 4 inches…
and mark the condit on each side :grimacing::grimacing:


Triple check your marks… then drill all the holes… but from each side, trust me you wont get them to line up if you think you can drill strait through… and it wont look neat… remember we used the book to get it all on one nice plane… it only takes 5 mins more…

then one thing is get some solvent and clean off all your texta marks and make sure you have drilled all the holes correctly… and make a flexible needle out of really thin wire live in plastic and wire twist ties… just scrape the plastic off with your nail…

then sew, and move…i do one layer get it tight tie it off temporarly… then move on to the next one… pwwwwwweeeew, be at one with the needle… :weary::hushed:the holes i drilled are 4mm…:smirk:… shoul have been 10… joking…:grin:


done… and it fits…:grin:

now i don’t need this just yet, so ill show what i do on the other one… i made a few changes the new one is a bit bigger…

and these are the chains that it hangs from they are adjustable up and down… i would prefer to use those light ratchet nylon things… :grin::smiley::+1:

there is also loops of chain that can slide up and down the tubes that stop it moving if i bump into it, or kick it or drop something into it… and it happens all the time… an all good…:grin:

anyhow i just had to make one so i hope this has helped someone, but its not mine… it belongs to the fuzz,…:grin::grin:

have a good one legends:grin::+1:


Still outta likes but thanks for sharing dude awesome detailed buildout that I may borrow :slight_smile: grows looking beautiful as well my friend :metal::metal:

@peachfuzz thank you also for spreading your ideas and knowledge!


Thanks for the details and the pics. I kind of get it now. I’m glad it’s all here in detail and I can refer back to it to show the hubs (yes he we will still have to build it haha)
Awesome post @kettle and thanks to @peachfuzz also!! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. I now have a better understanding for adding my fastening points for the string.
What string do you use ? Sorry if you posted that I didn’t see it. I’m a picture reader lol words aren’t fun I just read the pictures lmao.
Omg I need coffee


Great post! Gonna attempt to make one next run

Looks huge!
How will you reach the back corners?

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That’s a mason’s twine. You can buy it in different high vis colors at your local hardware store. Usually near masonry or the tape measures.


Awesome build brother. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions. :+1:
And the tag. :grin:
Blessings. :wink::v:

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oh yeah its awful, :grin::grin:I crawl under and work on the screen from underneath like a car mechanic, but the tent has a door at that end… :grin:… space, doesn’t matter how much of it you have… :wink::grin:

now the reason I drill holes and needle through and not use screws like everyone else, I don’t want to glue any of my pipes, just easier… and the tension on the masonry string would pull the conduit around… if you don’t glue it… get it?:wink: don’t just think I forgot you could do it this way… it is easier but id rather not glue… for example the screen I have already built is 1400mm if I want to make it 1480 I just have to get more conduit and I can use all the same fittings…:grin:

@BetrayedSoul, im sure u can use what ever u want but its what im going to use probably not change that its works and it easy…:grin:

@Southerngal, you will love it… just book mark the page for your hubby as a reference…

BTW that hardest thing about this is just checking all your sizes are right and getting the set out right… I have made mistakes on everyone I have made, but they are small and not worth worrying about, but they are awesome…


I resemble that remark. :joy::joy::joy:


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Awesome, thanks for taking the time!

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