How to bring down/lower pH

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi am doing my first grow have a bushy plant which I put onto 12/12 a week ago and a couple at a few weeks old my ph is sticking at 7 and don’t know what to do to bring it down? Can u help?

Well if it were me I would flush my plant.
By the way is it only one plant or more ?
Are you DWC or SOIL

If it is soil flush your plant with 3 times of the amount of soil.
Example…growing pot is a 3 gal bucket then you would flush with 9 gal of water…and so on, after the third gal of. Water.
Get a water run off at the end and check your PH of the run off.
Let us know what you find out…ok ?

this is generally what you would use adjust the ph of the water given it will adjust the ph of medium over time in soil.
but as Garrigan has said need more info

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When doing my PH do I test my water before or after adding my nutrients?

after most nutrients are acidic so will lower water’s ph

You test your PH after you add nutrients if its soil 6.0
DWC 5.5…before feeding.


Baking soda will work well for PH up. …

Lemon juice (teaspoon a gallon) is recommended for lowering PH.

Hope this helps