How to breed my on seeds


So I got stawberry cough from nirvana an if I was to breed them whit white widow auto’s how would I go about doing that an is it worth it to try an be proud of something I made


How to breed for power an speedy harvest I’m willing to spend a year or so getting it right just don’t want to try this if someone out here has done these two an no results what is a good sative breed with the best uplifting high.I’m glad I found ilgm I have no one I can talk to about weed an it gets so fistraded when u have all these questions an no answers


You need male pollen to breed seeds.

Breeding a auto plant and a regular plant is not a good idea. You will not know what the seeds will produce, some might become autos and some might be regulars.

You should only breed regulars to regulars and autos to autos for better reliability in what will come out of the new seeds.

Also, it might be very difficult to get male autoflower pollen, as most auto seeds are feminized.



Thanks buddy ok I got ya I do have a male white widow auto Claire said that it was because of what customs does to them but o am greatly happy that I have one I got him by his self in a homemade box with cfls so I will breed him with a auto female an have seeds to plant outside an see what happens thanks man I won’t waste my time with an auto an regular then


Check this you-tube out from my buddy GrowGreenerGuru:



Thanks for the video