How to best use an LED grow light

I have an Advanced Platinum Series P300 that I’m using in a 3.5’ X 2’ X 5’ grow cabinet. This is my first grow and I have 3 white widows about two weeks in the veg stage and doing very well. The light has a veg switch and a bloom switch. So right now I’m just using the veg switch with 18 hours on and six off . My plan is to veg until they are about 2’ tall and then go 12 on and 12 off. I have two questions. 1. should I be using both veg and bloom modes now? and When I switch to flower mode do I just use the bloom mode on the light? Thanks

You can use veg and bloom settings for all stages of growth, combined colors will equal full spectrum which is brighter and plants will grow faster @maineguy


@Majiktoker is totally right :+1::ok_hand: And you can use the bloom switch alone in the last 2 or 3 last weeks before harvesting for a last push for helping in the potency by “trick” your plant to think it as to produce more “goodness” :+1::v:

Hoping that’s helping you @maineguy


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Thanks to both you you and Majiktoker. That was very helpful.


My pleasure thats what we are here for :smile:

My pleasure too :+1::v::grinning::innocent:

I found this by the manufacturer on Amazon as an answer to a question regarding distance of light to plants. I guess that’s their general recommendation as no specific type of plant was mentioned.

IFor seedlings, we recommend being very careful with a 36"-40" height using the veg only switch. After a week or two, bring down to 24" with veg only switch through the rest of veg. For flowering, bring down to 15"-18" using both switches. Adjust height according to desired coverage and how well the individual strain of plant takes the increased intensity. The key is to always watch your plants and be receptive to what they’re telling you. If the leaves are pointing hard towards the light, they love it! Give them more! If they shy away and look limp or unhappy and yet ALL your other environmental variables are correct, back off with the light! They’ll let you know very quickly how they feel. This is of course… the key to horticulture in general…

That is an outstanding light I would love to see pictures of what you got going on I know people who have the same light that get massive yields

Not a great pic but that’s what I have.

I transplanted the seedlings about two weeks ago into 7 gal grow bags using roots original organic potting soil. So far just water and light as the folks I bought the soil from said it was good for about a month. I have ordered the Fox Farm trio from Amazon so will be using that soon. Hopefully I’m doing OK. It’s my first attempt so I have no other experience to compare it to.

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I would only use the veg switch I run All platinum and have had better luck with just veg go veg and bloom for flower oh and I have 6 p300 and have used them for 4years and have grown some awesome bud and weight

My plants start putting on buds within 3 days at the switch and I think the bloom cycle on my platinum also let the plants know faster that the switch has been made from 18/6to 12/12 and the light differs from veg to bloom

Just use the vegg or grow and micro for now if you have them


Thank you, That seems to be the manufacturers thinking too.