How to best handle the Daylight Savings Time change?

I handled it by completely forgetting about it and opening a tent a half an hour into its dark period and standing there and saying what the hell is going on ?

…so obviously I don’t know, anybody have any ideas ?

yea i did the same thing this morning started checking my breaker then the timmer then was like o ya thats what happened. I think I’m gonna just leave mine like it is

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@Paranorman, @jeepit,

You be two guys be kill me… LMAO
But I did the very same thing



Timers came on i got up it was 5 am I went back to sleep

Lmao! … somehow I knew I wasn’t the only one, :blush: I’m leaving mine as well because my plants are finishing up

But ya, I stood there like “what the hell???” and I looked at my timer with suspicion, but before I got too deep into it it dawned on me! :smile:

lol I don’t see the complication your plants are on timers all you do is set the timer to new time and go from there a fast hour of light change dosen’t hurt anything over a single day

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I don’t want to seem like an ass, but what does the time change have to do with the plants?

The only thing that changes is us moving the position of the clock. Maybe my confusion comes from being an outdoor grower.

Is the concern based on convenience of daily life? I’ve heard the reasoning behind daylight savings time, but I’ve never really gotten it. The length of day hasn’t suddenly changed, just the way we track what time it is.

I was just curious, so I had to ask…

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Well I meant this just to see who else got caught by the time change, mostly as a joke, but…

Speaking for myself I want my lights on from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., the coldest part of the day in my area

so I’m going to have to make a 1hr. change, what I’m going to do is change a half an hour over a day or two (I’m actually not going to do anything because I’m pulling my garden down in the next week or so) but if I did that would be how I would do it, not sure if it matters Donald’s probably right but just saying



Missed the humor again! :sob:

It’s all good. I was just curious. I’m at the mercy of the Sun’s schedule anyway.

Um…why would the coldest part of the day change with the clock? :unamused:

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Same here 4am for me im up at five everyday so i just left it that way

Same here I didn’t worry about anything I’m getting ready to pull mine as well getting ready to harvest here in about I don’t know 10 days perhaps so it doesn’t really make a difference and I keep mine from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM at in the in the final stages in the flowering days but yeah I did notice because I use that kind of as a night light sort of if you will HAHAHAHA and I was a bit confused because if I wake up in the light song then I know it’s not still the middle of the night if I wake up and it’s off then that means it’s not the middle of the night and it’s the next day and it’s like daytime or almost daytime so that was my handling of daylight savings time HAHAHAHA


Oh I tell you what ! …lol, I stood there with my coffee and I nearly dropped it, I had no idea what was going on for 5-10 seconds

I looked and the little light on the timer was off, I look back at the light, I looked at the time on my phones alarm and none of it make any sense for a few seconds ?!? :dizzy_face:


It’s always unnerving when you get that sense of being “outside of time”, for a lack of a better phrase. Usually leads me to an “out of place” feeling for me as well.

It’s all good, just man thinking to change the times…