How to add Nute brand to Journal

I know there are some fine lines between growing communities, products, etc. However, I need to add nutes to my journals, ones I’m using. They aren’t on the “list”. How can I get them added – competitor brand (HGCC Standard). @ILGM.Support

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I’m not sure what list you are referring to. You can talk about whatever you are using you just can’t post links except from Amazon or educational/information sites without competing advertisements on their site, some use screenshots with information on them to skirt the rules I feel dirty doing it but I guess it’s ok as long as it doesn’t show any ads

@BobbyDigital or other moderators double check and or add to my description


There is a list of nutrients to pick from in journal options – but not all nute brands are listed. I put mine in my notes, but it would be nice to be able to select the brand we’re using – or better yet be able to add our nutes to the list.

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The Journals are a relatively new addition to the support site.
Perhaps make a request to add your nutrient line.
@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410 @BobbyDigital
Perhaps a mod could forward the request.

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We have no real… superpowers on that side. But i can forward up the ladder.



Haha I haven’t seen those nutrient lines in ages. :joy:

The text is in Latin. These are examples of “Lorem, ipsum” text - it’s a nonsense placeholder so that you can work on your page layout and see what it looks like if there was some text on it.

Can you just write whatever you want there? They look like search hints, I don’t think it’s making you pick one?


@come check out my mute diary first endeavor and I’ve been getting so much great advice from all y’all #nutrients #grow-cycle #grow-cycle dakinenutrients for my review of the line no price tag or ads just actual pics I’m taking and what I’m learning and documenting on the way it’s blowing my mind but everyone’s stuff here is top tier and I am new so bear with me on being inquisitiveDakine nutrients

You can add ur nutes to the list there should be a place where it says custom or add nutes

Hey there @GrnyGrows

You are correct, not all the nutrients are listed but we do aim for them to be! Unfortunately, it’s still a manual process to add them so that’s why the list might not be exhaustive.

But if you send me the list of nutrients you’d like to be included, I will make sure to add them! Please include the name of the nutrients and the brand they’re from.

Finally, for posterity, we have decided to not let people add nutrients on their own because you will eventually end up with the same nutrients listed many times over with, for example, slight spelling differences.

Also, I have removed that Lorem Ipsum text. Thanks for catching that!


Nope you can’t enter anything. I’ve tried. It’s not a big deal – I just get obsessed with things sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I loved the Lorem Ipsum text – I Googled the nutes, but couldn’t find them. :crazy_face: Just kidding. Right now, I’m using HomeGrown Standard and Organic. The two system packs. I may not use them again, but for newbies, it helps to be able to keep track.

I figured nutes would require hand entry – a pain, to be sure. Thanks for helping out.


Well, even if you decide to not use them again, you can at least add them to your current journal from this day forward!

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You’re amazing. I love this place. TY.

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Can you add a link for dakine 420 from nitro nutrients I’m using their full line as prescribed and having insane results

Sure, no problem @ChaddyDaddy! I’ve added everything I could find on their nutrients page. I hope this suffices!



Yessss thank you so much!!! I’m having some good results with not so expensive nutes nothing fancy just follow directions