How to achieve the taste of gud bud

Hello as y’all can see I’ve been here for a while and I feel like I have a pretty gud setup but now I’m trying to achieve the flavor profile that is missing from my flower I use organic fert just wondering if anyone can help on that department

A proper dry and cure will go the farthest toward smooth, good tasting smoke.


Ok now I’m nervous my chemdawg is looking sick plz some one guild me in the right direction I have a scheduled harvest day of 4-20

So now my drying is up to 14 days as rec and still not getting the different flavor profile from different stains I harvested they all are tasting the same any suggestions

Terpines are responsible for taste.

I’ve never been able to distinguish taste between most strains.

Sulfur is the key to good terps that’s why jacks 321 is mostly Epsom salt , with organics I’d give them half a tablespoon molasses and 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt per gallon once a week till finish

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Also if you want increased terpene production, cut down on your primary fertilizer and add something like signal. Since signal is terpene support. And higher nutrient levels in flower do indeed mean bigger buds. But it’s always an exchange. Bigger buds =less terpene production.

You basically either push your girls to produce the largest bud possible. Or you casually grow a good tasting/smelling product. It is a trade off at a certain level. If you aren’t having luck with proper dry and cure. You overfed, the final two weeks of water only (flush), won’t fix a plant overfed for all of flower. Might make it a little smoother. With a proper dry. But if you straight push for weight and cbn, a cure only increases shelf life. Does nothing for flavor. in example. I have both swog and BD fully cured. Been north of 6 weeks in cure. The swog is a good smoke, tastes just like candy and smells like laffy taffy. But the BD nugs are considerably larger. Have little to no smell anymore. Little taste… but it’s also at least twice as strong as the swog. When it comes to CBN atleast (couchlock).
The BD was fed more aggressively. So it really didn’t get a good terp balance. It’s just strong out of nowhere. Which is nice in its own way

Wish it smelled half as good as the swog… but it’s twice a strong… so… trade off