How to achieve higher yield

A question from a fellow grower:

this a picture of a white widow ,it been 5 weeks and I don’t see getting more than a ounce of the planta.What I have to do to get a pound (in other words: how do I get maximum yield from this plant - Claire)

Try this on your next grow.

It takes a little patience and trust in your plant. Even if you break a stem, like I did twice, it can still bounce back and recover. I’m almost done with my first attempt. Good luck!
Go check out “unknown strain grow” in the fun facts section. That’s my mainline grow in a small closet. If I had an out door grow like yours, I’m sure you could achieve a pound.

To get a pound you have to veg 8-16 weeks with training and consistent feeding with no defiencies . Experience growers only max out at 10-12 or maybe 16-19 ounces because they have dial in the watering , light , and humidity , and co2 to a science . 4 ounces is great per plant of dried cured smokable bud .