How these special ladies looking?

Ok so here’s my girls, they’re about almost 2 and a half weeks into flower, and this is them, they’re autoflowers (crystal meth) and (chemdog) they seem to be doing pretty good to me, I made a few rookie mistakes early on like topping the tiny one in the left way too soon, and starting 2 of em on flower nutes about 3 days too soon and one about a week too soon, had some light issues during early veg, bit I think they’re for the most part looking pretty decent, just wanted to hear other thoughts, the crystal meth (back right) has been a really tough grow as she’s SUPER sensitive to EVERYTHING, anyways, if there’s any visible problems/noticable problems and they can be fixed, ANY advice, input, insight, ANYTHING is greatly appreciated thanks.Also, I’m in need of knowing if I need to use a trellis net, and HOW to use one?:joy::joy::exploding_head::exploding_head:16147066212518697000857173533370|281x500


Looking good!
Trellis nets work best when you have plants the same height. I don’t use one either.


That’s how I used it… beware it is my first time too…
I think your a little late in flower to make good use of the net.

They look nice :drooling_face:


@thecount13 @Gardenguy

Looking good, you shouldn’t need any trellis your plants look like you did a good job training and your buds spacing is good . they shouldn’t stretch too much more so they should support their own weight for the most part. Nice job! @Kinglouida13th

@Kinglouida13th Looks like @Gardenguy has you pretty much covered about your plants. In my experience the stretch for my plants went for 3 or 4 weeks, so you may see your plants grow. happy growing :rofl: :bat: