How tall will Afghan plants grow

From a fellow grower: I Grew Afgan plants outside, All clones, There almost six feet tall and looks like there just starting to bud. Its a long time before harvest.and I want to build a simple roof to cover them when it rains. how high should I go?


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Oh thats pretty easy. Make a hoop house. Just get some thick construction poly from your local home depot, and a few lengths of plastic water line. 1 length of 20 foot rebar… pretty cheap cut it into as many 2 foot lengths as you need. I like my hoops around 3 feet apart or so. Simply pound the rebar half way into the ground and bend the hoops over and stick em on the rebar pull the poly over and weight it down with watever you have like maybe firewood. You can also put a simple spreader on the top to keep the hoops from pulling together with another chunk of poly pipe and a Tee. Cut the 2 end lengths in half plug em into the Tee stick the spreader down the middle and there you have it.