How tall to switch from veg to flower?

Hi! How tall does everyone generally let their plants get until you switch from veg to flowering? Or how many weeks from seedling to flowering? Thanks!

How tall is the tent? How far can you raise the light from the bottom of the tent?

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@Room is 78" tall. lights with attachment points are 6" pots are 10" plants are 16. Plants are recessed in the pots abut so let’s say floor to top of big plant 22-23"

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Leave at least half the available height. Plants often double in height during flower.


For me I usually start thinking about it at around 20 to 24”. I fim my plants and then lst, so I gain some room that way, plus get a lot of tops.

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Do y fim all the new growth on each plant or just the top bud. we’ve already topped all four plants and you can still fim?. Also what does Ist mean?

I just fim the top which should give you 4 new tops. You can fim the other branches, and the new tops if you want but I don’t. I just wait for the new tops to grow out, and if the get to tall I bend them over and tie them down (lst = light stress training). Here’s one I did after the new tops grew out.

Plan on them doubling in height once you flip. Allow enough room that them doubling in height won’t crowd your lights.