How tall does w. widow grow?

Hey, guys quick questions; How tall does white widow grow to with a net for scrogging? Have couple babies that are have been in vegetative for going on 5 weeks now. I want to send them in to flowering but not if they haven’t grown to their fullest height.

I set my first net 33” from the floor 16” from the top of the pot. They will at least double in height
I have 2 WW grows in this journal feel free to check it out :v:

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Omg…thanks for the info! However, I made a mistake…I meant to say “without” a net for scrogging? I know that helps them grow taller due do not branching out wider.

Definitely gonna get a net.

Yeah your gunna want I net. I ran one round without one and they all folded over under the weight of the buds then I had to tie them up with strings. What a Sh*t show that was

Cool…mind if I ask where you I can a net for a good price?

They will double during the stretch

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This is what I got so far…still think I should still use a net or send them in to flowering?


Let them go a few more weeks

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Thanks for the info. Do you think it would be wise to still get a net for scrogging? If so, do you know who sells at a good price?