How soon would you say these would be ready?

Lots of white pistils. You still have a few weeks to go.


Just by looking at the pics 3-4 weeks if not longer… how long have they been in flower stage?


Started it out first of January. Went to 12-12 first of Februar. Strain is Sour D. I was thinking should be ready to harvest first of April? Maybe? Just adding up the days I would assume around this time.

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The ‘days’ are just an estimate… so many things to take into account for differences in timelines. I wouldn’t even worry about her for another 2-3 weeks, then you need to check her trichomes with a loupe or scope.


Yeah I got a loupe, they are still pretty clear so that’s why I was thinking 2 weeks. I am so afraid of missing that mark. That sweet spot. Thank you for your advice. Very helpful

Immature fruit - 4 weeks time will double its weight and ripen properly

Thank you

I would back off the nitrogen. I’m seeing symptoms (dark, waxy leaves) of nitrogen toxicity.

is this male or female or is it to early to tell I’m new here and couldn’t figure out how to create my own anything lol but yeahh someone let me know please and thank you

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