How soon to prune

How soon do you start pruning your plants.

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Never a set answer but typically whenever I see a leave covering a growth site OR a growth site that isn’t getting light and won’t make it to the canopy by the time flower starts.

When flower starts I did a big defoliation on day 21 and will be doing another this Sunday day 42

Remember clipping too much off will stunt the plant growth a little but a few hear and there is no big deal

How far along are your ladies? Pictures?

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That’s not mine either!!! LOL I like your tag name!

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for what purpose? Prune to a achieve a certain form or to thin growth? Give us an idea of what you are wanting to do. A photo of the plant would be helpful

this plant was not pruned

it was done with bending LST


Gosh i have a long way to , thanks

I have 10 girls ,

Want to get the most.


Read a post on a thread a while back and someone had this formula:

I thought it was a cool guide, though I do find myself paying a bit more attention closer to harvest. Hope this helps bro!!:+1:t3::love_you_gesture:t3::v:t3:

Give us more information on your space (dimensions) and the lights you have.
It looks like a couple of the bigger ones will be ready to transplant to larger pots soon.

I forgot to mention in that no topping LST photos that they were taken from growweedeasy DOT com. It is one of my main information sources for growing cannabis. Good reliable and useful info always.

I will throw this very straight forward and very productive Quadline Manifold your way to ponder. It need not be flattened out as much as pictured. It is growers choice. Quadline means four branches (not my plant)

I would be happy to walk through the procedures to get to that form. It is a very good place to start to become comfortable with topping, a little pinching and a few terms dealing with physical identification of parts. This is from my current thread GDP to start the new year


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I would not touch them until they are 5 or 6 nodes tall. If it was me, I would let them grow / fill out a bit more. Then transplant. Let them recover a couple of days. And then decide what you want to do. Maybe another week or 10 days time.


Thanks for the information. I need all the help i can get.

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Well there’s plenty of people here who know there shit!!

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Everyone that i have contacted definitely know more than me. Lol

Plants look great! Are they autoflowers, or photoperiod? What is your plan for them, are they going outside?

As others have mentioned, pruning is sort of an art, it helps you shape the plant the way you want it. For my outdoor ladies, I’m going to let them get a little taller than I would for indoors, and it’s going to affect the way I want to shape the plant when I prune.

Ak 47 fems.

From one of my first photo grows AK-47

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