How Soon til Harvest?

Judging by these 2 pics, roughly how many more weeks do you estimate this plant has to go?

image image

3-4 weeks


Yep those white pistols need to turn orange and receded. @HornHead is right. Maybe even 4-5 weeks. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

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ty both :slight_smile: I was planning 2 weeks out, but now I can adjust accordingly-

  • She was watered 7/12 & 7/15 with pure water. - was debating dropping the FFTigerBloom but now im thinking I can go for 1 more feeding.
  • Also using FFBigBloom, BlackStrap Molasses, and OverDrive.
  • I did a pretty heavy watering on 7/15 so im letting her go until 7/18-7/19 depending on how dry she is. (She has been drinking+eating well.)

Also to note, those 2 pics are different colas on the same plant— its crazy how uniform this plant is, nearly ALL the colas are IDENTICAL in growth/shape/- they just vary in size (Slightly) — Those are just the best images i managed to capture.

---- Could anyone using Fox Farm Products bless me with the knowledge on when is the best time to stop the FFTigerBloom? — I want the leaves to turn yellow during flush and when leaves that have no sugar are nearly looking full yellow im gonna defoliate. Im just thinking the FFTigerBloom with this plant is holding too much of the nitrogen (I see various areas of nitrogen toxicity with the leaves looking sharp-pointed-down (but no nute burn, so I know its not a lockout.) -

I would say at least a month

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Can someone please help me post? I can’t find the bottom where it says no more topics create a new one anywhere

was just curious what you guys think, are they ready?Image_2020-06-15 18_27_35_449 Image_2020-06-15 18_26_52_745

Got a picture of whole plant, and a couple buds? Tricomes are clear to cloudy but not seeing amber, but more information would help