How soon can you tell if the plant is male?

I planted on feb 11th. All are doing well.
Except I have one that is growing all the leaves on one side. The 1st pic was taken Saturday. You can see nice big leaves but only one side. Pic 2 is her sister plant. Both same strain (Bruce banner) and there are 4 evenly grown leaves.
My lopsided plant now has 2 small leaves on the short side. I had someone tell me that this means it is a Male plant because it is growing odd or different. Is that true?

That’s not true. It’s just a genetic formation. You won’t be able to tell it’s male until it produces male parts


Not really possible to tell at this point. I’ve had plants that had supposed male or female characteristics that grew up to be the opposite of what early indications such as height, width, or fullness would have suggested.

Some show as early as 5 or 6 weeks, but most are unidentifiable until they are 2 - 3 weeks into flowering.

Thank you! I know I’m new to this but I have been doing lots of research and studying before I even started.
I thought it was during flowering.


Others have you squared away with visual sexing. For the edification of the forum, there are sex testing kits that work on seedlings of any age. They cost around $15.

You’re probably going to need to bury your stem or get it some support too. Looks awfully skinny for plant that tall right now.


@MamaVivian there’s no such thing as a stupid question when you’re new at something.
Ask anything you need to on here, the folks on here are here to help.
Happy growing


Yup! On my to do list for tomorrow. I don’t have class on Wed so I had planned on getting some support for them stems.

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