How soon can I start monster bloom?

My plants began showing pistols about a week ago. Now they’re obvious. What’s the best time to get started with feeding the buds?

Havent used that monstrous looking nutrient personally. But based off the numbers it’s a booster like all others. So you could dose her now and then again in the last two-three weeks of feed before flush. Since boosters work best right at the beginning of flower and then at the end. Shouldn’t be used weeks 2-6 of flower.
Hope that helps, remember every plant is different. Happy growing!


That’s for use between weeks 3-5 of flower.
I use it and makes for some nice fat nugs if used properly.
You need that last few weeks without so it’ll use it up before harvest.
Used too late it can make the smoke a bit harsh.

Recommend staying on the lighter side when feeding.
I use at 1 tsp/ 5 gal and watch ur ppm’s when mixing with other nutrients.



See. Someone who’s used the product always comes by with stuff like that. To better inform. (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart:

I also understand now it’s used more like signal. Not RBs Boost.


I watered them with some magnesium sulfate this morning so I’ll wait a day or two and hit them with some monster bloom.

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