How soon after harvest will it get you high?

My first grow didn’t seem to go as expected. 3 of the 4 plants I started were male, so there’s that. And then the female lacked the vitality I kinda expected. She lost most of her leaves after veg, and everything I did seemed to backfire, but she did get to flower and I did get about an ounce of buds. I dried them and I have them in a cure jar. They actually smell very intense and pineappley and that scent fills the room when I burp the jar so, HEY!, I grew some cannabis! Yeah! The thing is I have tried smoking some and the effect is around mild to “not much”. So my question is, if you could please enlighten me because I’ve not done this before, does the strength of the buzz increase by curing or is this just going to be a great smelling batch that isn’t very strong? Perhaps my timing on the harvest was off or maybe the issues during her growth cycle affected the outcome.


My buds will kick some butt as soon as they are dry enough to smoke.

Not by much, it’s usually the taste, smell and burning properties that improve with curing.

Could be, specially if you harvested too early with a lot of white pistils and clear trichomes which makes for a weak high.


I agree with @Hellraiser, the cure typically fixes the taste, smell aspect.

The potency is usually there once dry. Terps and flavors can help the smoke but the potency has to be there.

Normally like stated above, chopping too soon can negatively effect potency


Thank you for your replies. So on to grow # 2. Now thanks to RB I have feminized seeds and I have a bit of experience. Things are looking up.


It sounds like you likely harvested before the plant reached peak levels of THC. Do you happen to have any pictures of her right before you chopped it? This is a pretty good guide:


That’s the right frame of mind. Very positive and optimistic. :beers: Cheers!


I agree with the others, you may have just harvested early. About how long did you have flowers on plant prior to harvesting?

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Here is this years buds from Western Grail and they are soooo sticky but Good I can hardly grind them up .


Love sticky bud, here’s my sticky bud test, even shaking the jar upside down the buds don’t fall down.

It’s my Cherry Ice Cream strain


Did you train those to stand up straight😎


nicccccccccccce someone needs to invent a smellivivsion app. instead of killing us with vacc. the gov. could work on making smellivision real…

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how old are you @hellraiser? u got mad skills

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Thanks! I turned 57 this year and have been growing weed since I was 13, immediately after discovering it and how it helped my insomnia which has plagued me most of my life. Started with guerrilla growing in the desert and mountains around me and then started indoor growing about 30 years ago.


Those are some nice, solid looking nugs my friend @Hellraiser