How should i use my plant protector at this stage?

So i have questions on how and when and if i should use my plant protector set.also just wanted opinions on my first seems to be close to harvest but i think i stunted growth somewhere.i am seeing some white specs on the larger plant.both are outdoors.

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Clue me in Growmie, what’s a plant protector? :love_you_gesture:

Well i bought a kit at ilgm. It comes with the bug blaster mold sheild and root protector. I have seen a few small orange soft bodied bugs on seeing white spots on the leaves of the larger plant.i just wasnt sure if i could use any of it at the stages my plants are in.

Most of the growers here use other products. The only instructions I know of are on the bottle or here…

Seems pretty straight forward.

  • Measure 5ml of Bug Blaster and dissolve it in 1 Quart of water (about 1 Liter) in a plant sprayer with a very fine mist
  • Spray the solution onto plants from top to bottom, paying close attention to the leaves’ bottoms where pests may be hiding
  • Repeat every five to ten days or as needed

If you continue to have pest problems you might try Capt’n Jacks Dead Bug. Find it on amazon.

Ok ive just had bad experiences with some insecticides so maybe ill try half strength and step it up if plant responds well.

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Does it list ingredients?
I cant remember if I ever saw them.

No i didnt see any and ive tried to find more info but its just not there. Im begining to flower on the larger one and just didnt want to hurt any flowers or alter taste.

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I think i did see neem oil on the mold control but i think its the only one with some ingredients listed

I found a site that says the pest formula contains Pyrethrum and Cinnamite.
Both are organic and probably ok to use for now.
Pyrethrum is derived from chrysanthemums and Cinnamite from cinnamon oil.
I would suggest Capt Jacks from Amazon. Its a bacterial insecticide that effectively kills bugs but wont harm the buds or leave any lasting residue.

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Ok ill try captain jacks dead bug and maybe use the others on next plants.thanks for your help just new and nervous

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I think I would do the same.
The root protector is just microbes. Use it like it says. Should work well.

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