How should I take my seeds on an international flight?

I am moving To Ecuador and will be building my grow space there. I need to transport my seeds
and am asking for any advice on the best ways to get them there. I can not mail them. Thanks for taking the time to look out and give your advice. I’m leaving here in Oct.

Peanut butter…stick them in a jar of peanut butter

Make it “crunchy” type. Seeds will disappear amongst the nuts.

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Thank you. Not sure if I can take open food on the plane, but I will forsure look into it. Appreciate the tip.

Maybe you could rip the thread on one of your luggage bags stick them in a sew it back up. Maybe stick em in a pack of smokes. A friend of mine put joints with his cigarettes and he had no problems. Just giving an idea. Not sure exactly what you can bring on a plane tho since I will never fly lol

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i get pulled out of line and searched EVERY TIME! I get the big red S on my luggage. you do not want to spend time in a central america pokey. check the laws for seeds or dont do it

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Depending on how many seeds we’re talking about, I would probably just toss them loose in the bottom of a checked bag. Handful of seeds would probably fly under radar. If they are found, not packaged or having identification marks could just look like random crumbs.

Curious as to why you couldn’t send though?


some times you just gotta do what ya gotta do. :rofl:unnamed


Get a box of small box of legos open it and hide it amongst the pieces then gift wrap it ,it’ll look like little pegs

Can’t you just order new seeds when you get to Ecuador? Id rather spend a couple hundred bucks again rather than risk being put in a cage. Also not seeing why you couldn’t just mail the seeds you have now to yourself? Either of those sounds more attractive to me…

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