How should I dry this?

How to dry this ?


Cut at base and hang upside down where it is dark and has good airflow or you can cut individual branches and hang them. I use a cardboard box with vent holes cut in it and have a fan blowing past the openings.

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Should take 5-8 days until the buds feel dry but spongy. It takes longer if you keep the leaves on. When they are right (there are several ways to determine proper dryness) they need trimming and to go into jars or Grove Bags for a while to cure.

Thanks a ton !!! Getting a box. For now I have them like this.

I have the hygrometer above them . Lmk what I’m fkn up. Thank again :blush:


That works. :+1:Just keep it dark as possible.

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I turned the light off after taking the pic :relaxed:

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Seems to be as many opinions on drying and curing as there are growers. The best I’ve found is hang the whole plant if possible and leave the leaves for a 12 day dry. Before trim and a moisture meter is helpful.


I have a hygrometer right above them . I need to up the humidity about 10% though . She’s only at 40%