How’s my plant look? Droopiness and color?

How’s my plant look? Does it look healthy or too droopy or anything? And how is the setup? Also has a little fan. Two 85watt cfls. Also is that coloring on the stem ok?


Looks healthy
You are gonna want alot more lighting though

How much more? &&why is that? 170 Watts should be more than enough for one plant right?

What size pot do you have her in? What are you feeding her?

170 watts of light is bad and will really show with the size and quality of your buds. If you keep it the way it is right now. If you are micro growing then you might be okay if that is you goal.

What do you mean? Can you break it down?

If you search on here for lighting you will se break downs for every light and what distances to hang them at. This will inturn make or break a grow.
Pot size will play a role to

What is your pot size and what is the size of the grow box?

this Is about the best I can give you, I don’t know the sizes or measurements of anything. I put the gallon in there for size comparison

O.k. what is your goal because right now you would be lucky if you got 1 oz wet off that plant with 2 85w cfls.

I’m only looking to get about a oz or two off the plant after all is said and done and ready to smoke.
What do you suggest? Fill me in, this is my first plant I’ve ever grown

The plant is about 1 month old

It’s cool i did something similar my very first time
You might want to check out micro growing.
Check Craigslist and offer up for used growing equipment you would be amazed at how cheap you can get some stuff because someone else failed. You are doing wright by asking questions.
What type of budget do you have wil determine alot of what you can do.
Can you take a tape measure and measure your box length and width and how tall it is

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Read - on here

You need more light and a bigger pot

If you are doing a cfl grow you ned 8 to 10 more light bulbs and will need to switch em out during flower
Really if you want quality bud you need to invest in better lighting and ventilation
It is a weed and will grow but it will thrive under the best conditions you can provide

What is your budget like ?

As @ThcinKC said checkin out offer up and craigslist will help
You need at least and hps/mh light set up and and exhaust fan set up to get a decent yield
Why settle for an oz per plant if for a lil bit more investment you can get 3-4 oz per plant

This was 19oz wet off of just one of my plants just to give you a idea when all dried it was 8.5 oz

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