How’s my LST and defoliation looking?

First timer here just trying my darndest. Really tried to spread those branches to allow for good light penetration. Any recommendations of how much longer I should veg? I was wanting to lean toward the longer side to really fill my tent come flower.


Just let it grow dont stress her nomore she is ready to put on a show . Get you a screen .

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Forgot to mention this is three different plants

It didn’t look like you topped the apical stem. If you didn’t, it still will be dominant if you let it. To prevent this from happening, tie its growth tip a bit lower than the other branches. This will redirect the growth hormones from it to the other branches. This should result in a more balanced plant.


Should have mentioned that these are all clones that were taken from flowering mothers! Thus, the very unusual growth patterns. Hopefully that helps your assessment a bit.

They look great and clones are the perfect candidate for some good LST.
Hat off to you sir :cowboy_hat_face:
You keep in this line of training probably 6-8 weeks will fill up a good space.
These are a few clones I got going now about 9 weeks including re-veg .they are wider than they are tall

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Unbelievable! Funny enough, these clones came from the very first plants I tried to grow from seeds I pulled out of a grinder. No lights, miracle grow, no nutes, and tap water. Needless to say, they grew up to be tall skinny ladies with about 5 inches between nodes. To further the problem, they went into flower because I had no idea the light schedule would cause them to do that.

Decided to chop em up, pick the flowers off, and throw the good bits into grow plugs with rooting solution. Now they’re far out-performing their seed grown sisters since I had accidentally discovered monster cropping before I knew what monster cropping was. Also, the strain is supposed to be Cherry Pie, but I cannot 100% confirm.

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The more you clone from the same mother the better off you will be. IMO makes for stronger genetics

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This mystery strain really clones well. Honestly if this is the typical result of cloning, I would love to fill a 4x4 with say, 3-4 mothers and use my other two for perpetual grows from clones.

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I have my 5x5 and a clone shelf which is 2x4x3.5 I just run my clones low and slow till my big tent end flowers and then go again.
Clones almost never hermi from what I have seen.

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Looking good now all u need to do is let her grow some more before u do anymore training on her

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Here’s a little update for ya, amazing what can happen in little over a week:

Here we have 3x big bud (back row), 4x white widow auto (middle row), 1x cherry pie front left, and 2x chocolope front middle and front right.

Here is 8 cherry pie clones, plus 2x amnesia haze located in back right and front left (trying to catch the shorter girls up)

I’m tentatively thinking about flipping to flower Monday, which will make these plants 67 days old from the time they popped a root or were cloned. Think they’ll ready? I think most are wider than they are short (minus the autos which I’m leaving alone for the most part)

@yoshi @beardless @Aussie_autos I welcome any input from you as well! Be it about flowering or not. I think 20 was a bit ambitious for a first time grow, but screw it we’re going full send and the plants seem extremely pleased. Still, I don’t wanna screw anything up this late in the game!

Yeah you could flip whenever you like, you gonna have that tent packed you drag it . Grab some clones because and flip :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the info! I adjusted my LST almost daily to ensure not a single branch was blocked during veg, so I’m really hoping that reflects on harvest day. I have a lot of nervous excitement since we still have probably 8-10 more weeks. I’m praying for lush, tightly packed tents!

Yah 20 is to much to start of with but hey ur sticky with the 20 which is good look its going to be a bit of work to look after 20 plants and its going to be a hell of a trimming party ur going to have at the end of flower but the rewards are worth it in the end .you can flip ur plants when ur ready to flip them

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Do I understand the plan is to flower 10 plants in each tent? What size is each tent 8x8?
And, each tent is a mix of strains, photos autos some topped some not???

Truthfully, I don’t know where to begin.
Learn how to super crop. You will need it for those that are not topped.
Be prepared to thin and prune each plant to maybe four colas. Do NOT let a bunch of secondary growth survive. SOG is a great method, I do it on a very small scale in frames with nets.
You will need to figure a way to water each plant and properly deal with runoff. It is also a good idea to test the runoff’s pH & PPM…
Oh yes - defoliate. and prune before flipping
Your plants look great

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The tents are 4x4 but I do have a third 4x4 in reserve!

@beardless The tents are 4x4 but I do have a third 4x4 in reserve… looks like I’m going to need it.

I really thought there would be a high chance that some of the plants would die or herm … for better or worse neither has happened (yet, knock on wood).

Right now yes, there’s a lot going on, but here’s what I’m tentatively planning: I figure the autos will be done way before the photos (they started flowering about a week or so ago). I’m hoping to yank them once they’re ready, which will allow me to divvy up the 16 remaining photos amonst three 4x4s.

Hopefully this sounds like a slightly better plan :+1:t4: