How’s my jack Harper lookin

This baby started her germination On 4/26. I don’t remember when I planted in my 2 gallon bucket some of leaves turning yellow.

I really can’t see my buds getting any bigger so am I close then

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Can you get a closer pic of the bud site/sites?

Can you see now

Yes, thank you…hmmm… all the pistils look to be receded. Do they feel firm when you squeeze them?

If you’ve been on this forum long enough, you’ll know what I’m going to say next. Grab a jewelers loop. You need to look at the trichomes now on the actual bud (not sugar leaves). Let us know how they look. Are any of the trichomes starting to turn amber? Are they all clear or cloudy?

How about now

I do have a jeweler MagnifyGlass but I’m not good with it. My daughter thinks it might be ready

Unfortunately, you really can’t see them in that pic still. Have your daughter help you with the jewelers loop and use this guide. This is how close you’ll need to get to see them properly. Usually 30x-60x magnification. MAKE SURE to look at the bud and NOT the sugar leaves. Sugar leaves will turn quicker than the bud.