How quick do I need to remove male?


After a male plant is diagnosed how long until the pollen is able to be transferred to the female? I read one time (and can’t find it again) that the male plant can not reproduce for a certain amount of days.

The answer could certainly ease some stress.



that is a good question… I had heard a couple weeks before but it would be nice to have a set answer… everyone I know has always gone by the ASAP rule when it comes to males.


I remove mine as soon as I see em… I always check with a magnifying glass for little balls. I have seen the pollen sacks double in size everyday since popping up. I grow from regular seeds so Im always throwing out males. I have kept a few around and the pollen sacks will swell up within a few weeks of first popping up. Just my experience, im sure @Majiktoker could better answer your question


Thanks Oak, I have to leave the area for a short time and am hoping to time it correctly.


Dont want anything bad happening


3 to 5 weeks after being put into flower is the sweet spot for pollination…



Yep no thanks dead on sight .


Everyone, THANK YOU! Ken


Rule of thumb is to get rid of it especially if your leaving out of town. Why take chances you have to much vested to lose over the male…best advice…get rid of it.



I kill anything that shows itself to be male. It’s a compulsion I can’t overcome.

My brother in law plans on trying to breed. I’ve already told him he better never let me see the male!

I’m a bit pissed because he is only 1/4mi. away from me! If I end up with a seeded plant I may destroy his crop.

I gave him fair warning…


Wait a minute @FloridaSon I can’t believe u haven’t killed it yet my juggalo brother. Ur the first to want to kill a male, R u trying to breed?


Sorry I didn’t read the hole thread b4 I posted.